That Bloody Parcel & A Little Secret! | xameliax Weekly Vlog #59

Well well well, what a fortnight it’s been! I’ve found it ever so strange not having my camera around as much but the break has done me the world of good. I took a whole week off and then decided to start vlogging a little when interesting things happened because I just missed it!

I spent time with friends, drank champagne and even got my boxing gloves back out. Getting stuck into the gym has been real therapy for me (and my tiny muscles!) which I’ve seriously enjoyed.

I’m still well and truly on the juicing wagon and keeping up that water intake. I’ve been loving my adult colouring book to help relieve some of my anxiety (from Amazon by the way) and I’m slowly feeling more like myself.

I’ve had a bit of a crappy 2017 so far with all my illness – so much for this being ‘my year’, let’s all laugh together – so especially with the terrible weather it’s hard to keep your spirits up sometimes. But I’m heading off on holiday with mum and dad which I’m really looking forward to. A bit of sun and a lot of relaxing might be just what the doctor ordered.

A lot of people feel intimidated by scars or bruised hearts. Many humans feel like talking about the past is unnecessary or pointless But our past is what shapes us. We are not defined by it or controlled in any way, but it moulds us into the people we are right now. The way we see the world or how we envision our future comes from the footprints we have left behind. Do not be afraid or intimidated by the previous chapters of someone’s life. Instead embrace the current soul it’s created and focus on writing the most powerful future possible ✨

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I went to see Billy Elliot at the Hippodrome with Dec, Lucy and I had a movie swap night and Lauren even came up for the weekend after a rogue parcel changed everyone’s plans around!

I got my new glasses from Specsavers and Kylie Minogue herself even liked my photo AND I got verified on twitter…it’s all been happening but I’ll let you watch all that in the vlog below!

WATCH: xameliax Weekly Vlog #59

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No weekly vlog next week as I’ll be sunning myself (hopefully) and relaxing in the Canaries but head over to my Instagram for a few holiday updates and Instagram lives instead @xameliax!