Taking A Vlogging Break | xameliax Weekly Vlog #58

Can you believe it’s nearly March already? Goodness me. This week’s been a bit of a quiet one, tip tap tapping away on my laptop scheduling content and coming up with new ideas for March….and battling storm Doris!

Thursday Dec came round and turned my TV into a smart tv with my new Amazon Fire Stick and we had a lovely day on Friday pottering around town, shopping, drinking coffee and eating cake. Nothing groundbreaking but incredibly relaxing and just nice to have some company.

It made me realise just how long it’s been since I had a proper day off. In the online world I work 7 days a week filming for the weekly vlogs, instagramming and just generally being around online. I love it, but sometimes it gets on top of you and you have to take a little step back.

I’m really trying to focus on staying healthy physically and mentally right now so I’ve decided to have a week or so off from the weekly vlogs. They’re actually my favourite part of my youtube channel and I love filming them but sometimes when my mind isn’t functioning at 100% or I have some things going on behind the camera I really struggle to put my face out there without feeling a bit of a fraud.  I know you’ll all understand and fear not I shall we back very soon but it’s something I need to do for me right now so I can hopefully come back swinging with a new lease of creativity for new videos and blogs.

I know you’ll understand because you’re the best internet family out there but fear not I shall be back very soon! There’s not a lot going on at the moment so you’re really not missing much – back to the gym, still juicing and reading a new book…rock and roll!

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I’ll see you in a couple of weeks guys, thank you for being so amazing <3