I Got Taken To Hospital | xameliax Weekly Vlog #53

This week it was my first press trip of the year to Finland with the Nordic Blogger’s Experience! But before I left I took a trip down to London to see Lauren’s new flat which was SO cute. I felt incredibly proud to walk in there knowing that one of my besties is making such a big life change and it’s so colourful and just her style, I loved it!

I sometimes wish she didn’t live so far away but at the same time I also think that it makes the time we do get together extra special. It just goes to show that distance when it comes to real friendship isn’t a problem, and besides – there’s always facetime!

Off to Finland I went to experience my first ever NBE! The Nordic Blogger’s Experience is like world travel market a big trade fair/conference but a lot smaller and concentrating on the Nordics. It’s a very prestigious event with only a select few being invited along to take part in some amazing pre and post tours exploring more of the country.

My pre-tour was a trip to the lake land in central Finland which is officially the sauna region of the world. After my trip to Lapland last year I fell in love with the peaceful nature of Finland and the magic of sauna so I was really excited to be back! We rode snow mobiles, went snow shoeing and even did a husky ride which was a BIG bucket list item of mine! I felt incredibly lucky and so happy to be a part of my awesome little lake land group!

When I travelled to Helsinki on the Friday I had come down with what I thought was the flu with terrible back ache from carrying my heavy bags and suitcases around. On the second day however I realised something more was wrong as I started to feel even worse and get other symptoms which didn’t bode well. On the third day I caved and asked to see a doctor and our amazing host Paivi took me to the hospital where they did some tests and found out I had a kidney infection that had been growing and getting worse since my illness at Christmas.

I was in agony and quite honestly I looked at flights home the next day but decided with the kindness of my team and hosts to take my anti-biotics and stick it out for the rest of the trip. I missed out on so many amazing activities I was gutted but a couple of days later I was starting to feel better and incredibly grateful that things were looking up! Moral of the story – you know your own body, don’t keep going if you think something is wrong, even superman (ad woman) has to kneel sometimes!

By the last day I was nearly back to full health so I was able to take part in our Stop Over Helsinki activities which show you the awesome things you can do if you have a stop over in the city. We went to a Finnish cooking class and did a walking food market tour which was right up my street and then it was time for the farewell dinner with all the bloggers and organisers in the evening.

Getting up at 4am today for my flight was PAINFUL but it's good to be home after an amazing week in Finland! I may have been a bit poorly along the way but my love for this country is higher than ever and I can't wait to visit again ✨ #NBEfinland

I’m gutted I missed out on so much during my trip and that my second experience of Finland was tainted with illness, but it hasn’t put me off going and I fully intend to head back there for a third time and take part in all the stuff I missed!

The weekend I got home was spent in front of the TV relaxing and recouping after finishing my anti-biotics and I’m finally now feeling 100% back on it! What a disaster, not how I wanted my first press trip of the year to go but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! Here’s to a healthier February!

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This week I’m back to work with a night out with the boys planned for the weekend – see you next week guys!