My Christmas & New Year 2016 | xameliax Weekly Vlog #51

My new weekly vlog is LIVE and I'm finally feeling festive after Panto and watching Home Alone for the first time yesterday - how did I survive 28 years without it?✨❤️ #yafilthyanimal

Well well well, welcome to a brand new year! How does 2017 feel for you!

I’m back with a bang and feeling stronger than ever after the Christmas break despite being incredibly poorly for a lot of it – one last kick on the shin from 2016! I couldn’t go two weeks without chatting to you lovely lot so this weekly vlog is two weeks in one with some snippets from my festive break this year!

My festive break was pretty much filled with cosy clothes (slippers from Primark!), loads of fairy lights and tea galore as I attempted to get everything wrapped up before I shut my laptop for the last time in 2016! I saw not one but two pantomimes to get me in the Christmas spirit, drank beer at the German markets, went to the cinema and of course bought and wrapped lots of pressies for everyone!

The day before Christmas eve I came down with a terrible water infection and had to take a little trip to the hospital to get checked out – just what you want right before the big day! But I was given a set of antibiotics and sent on my way to recoup at home. I drove over to mum and dads and let them look after me for a few days while I got better. Christmas day was still lovely despite feeling pretty darn rotten and we’re a-ok now so that’s the main thing!

Over the next week I went on lots of lovely long but chilly walks, went to the driving range with dad, hung out with friends, did some sales shopping, went for Thai food at lunch and finally dragged myself back to the gym!

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that are the best – you don’t need glittering days out or wild parties, just people who love you and a few laughs.  


New Year’s Eve was a quiet affair with my favourite champagne, movies and a big old count down into 2017. It was incredibly freeing watching big ben tick over into a brand new year and all I felt was happiness and hope…and a big chunk of sassiness in my favourite Forever21 dress!

Thank you for all your wonderful tweets and comments, I don’t think I would have the courage to post all I do here if it wasn’t for you guys – best internet team ever…FACT!

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