The Kinks, Homemade Burgers & An Exciting Trip | xameliax Weekly Vlog #49


It’s officially December and we can start getting all festive, watching Elf on repeat and eating enough mince pies to sink a battleship! This week has been work work work for me with some fun friends nights thrown in for good measure. I managed to make it through without killing Lucy’s guinea pigs AND I cleaned the flat from top to bottom…and actually enjoyed it?! Who am I.

At the start of the week I headed over to Birmingham for a very exciting project with The Bullring – I’m doing a super luxury gift guide takeover on instagram so if you’re not already, make sure you come and follow us @xameliax @Bullring to see all my choices…there’s some crazy ones in there!

There was lots of editing being done at home, some tasty lunches being made (I’m loving being back in the kitchen again!) and I even squeezed in a trip to the theatre to watch The Kinks Musical Sunny Afternoon which completely blew me away – HIGHLY recommended.

On Thursday I went to The Belfry with Virgin Experience Days and my mum for a mummy-daughter spa day which was just lovely! We enjoyed afternoon tea and some heavenly treatments in the spa. Just what I needed after a week of smashing my new weight routine at the gym! They’ll be a blog post coming about all that this week so make sure you’re following on Bloglovin’ so you don’t miss out!

I live in ripped skinnies right now with a laid back beauty look - has anyone else found their style has become more relaxed as they've got older?❤️ #lbloggers #wiwt #ootd #whatiwore

At the weekend I made some burgers with my friend Nick, handed the pigs back over to Lucy and caught up with her awesome break to Poland and got a million and one chores done around the house before I jet away for a week! Sometimes you need a quiet couple of days to get your life and mind back on track and that’s certainly what this weekend did for me.

As you’re reading this I’ll (hopefully)be in Thailand with Qatar Airways who have just lauched a direct flight path there from Doha. Thailand is somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for so long and although it’s only a short trip I know it’s going to spark my appetite for that part of the world even more!

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xameliax Weekly Vlog #49

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No weekly vlog net week team as I’ll have been exploring Thailand instead (don’t worry, there will be a travel vlog from that in the next couple of weeks!) but I’ll be back the week after hopefully feeling a bit more festive!