Workshops, Sushi and Sleepovers | My Week in Photos & xameliax Weekly Vlog Episode 37

Another quiet week on the old instagram this week – it’s hard to make sitting at home tapping away on a laptop in your old leggings look instagram worthy! It’s actually been a short week again, I’m sat writing this on Thursday afternoon on a slow train down to London with a child reaching through the arm hole and pinching me while his little sister screams the carriage down. Best train journey ever.

But uncomfortable travel conditions aside today is a very exciting day because I’m off to see my lovely friend Lauren and jet off on another amazing press trip cruise tomorrow! I’ll be posting away on instagram while I’m away so make sure you follow @xameliax and leave me a nice little comment!

Anyway, let’s rewind to the start of last week shall we…

On Monday evening I was asked by Costa to help lead thir first #MyFirstJob workshop in Birmingham helping 16-24 year olds improve their career confidence. I love this campaign and I applaud Costa for doing it because it’s such a fantastic idea and something I’m 100% behind. You might have seen my ‘My First Job‘ video last week where I spoke about how my first job even though totally unrelated to what I do now has helped shape my career. It’s true and not something I would have ever thought at the time which is why it was great to share that knowledge and my 5 years recruitment experience with a group of engaged young people over a latte or two…go team costa!

Wednesday Joe took me out for dinner as we are now apart for a whole week – the longest we’ve ever bee without each other for our (nearly)three years. I’m sure he’ll be starfishing in the bed and eating takeaway every night while I’m not there to hog the covers and make him each cauliflower rice and healthy sausages! We had a lovely dinner with a couple of glasses of good wine and snuggled up to watch some OITNB before bed.

So I hope when you’re reading this I’m sailing through the ocean with a glass of bubbles in one hand and my kindle in the other – hey, it’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it! I’ll see you next week with a vlog and full review from my cruise with Silversea!

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