Toby’s First Train Ride & Filming With Lauren! | xameliax Weekly Vlog #107


Hello hello! I’ve been away so long I nearly forgot how to vlog! Just kidding, I’m still awesome.

I got back from Bali and caught a horrible horrible flu which honestly knocked me out for a week and a half – fever, head cold, aches, the lot. Coupled with the jet lag and exhaustion from what had been a super busy work trip I was toast. And the following week whilst still recovering I barely left my laptop, which is great when you’re a freelancer because it means you can pay your bills, but jobs seem to all come at once in this job – BU-SY.

Eventually I started to feel a little more human and my diary became a nice level of busy instead of up until 3am burn your retinas out with blue light 24/7 kind of busy, and calm restored.

I got out of the house to do some pottery painting and eat some cake – I’m currently working on a cute little pair of animal mugs after my vase masterpiece finally came out of the kiln! And I even managed to clean the flat and put some washing on after eventually unpacking and putting away the contents of my Bali suitcase…two weeks late.

Toby took his first ever train ride as he joined me on a trip to Birmingham for a work meeting. He was good as gold apart from wanting to say hello to every other passenger and constantly trying to look out the window (apologies virgin trains for the paw prints we left behind) so I was one incredibly proud puppy mummy. AND Lauren came to stay! We filmed a best friend outfit swap from Primark by secretly buying each other two outfits and it was, well, a huge disaster. But we had a laugh doing it despite getting incredibly sweaty in the process…this weather is mad yo!

At the weekend I went to Alton Towers with Ellie! Everyone else in our usual group was busy but we didn’t let the small numbers stop us and we hit to road ready for a fun day of roller-coasters. The new Wickerman ride was amazing and we enjoyed lunch in the rollercoaster restaurant too which was a real treat! I love days where you’re having so much fun you forget to look at your phone and it was just what I needed after being glued to my laptop for what felt like an eternity!

All in all a very busy, productive, but fun old week, AND I’m also working on a top secret project that I can’t WAIT to share with you guys too so stay tuned!

See you next week!