Always Check Your Moles | xameliax Weekly Vlog #104

Hey team, welcome to another weekly vlog! This week has been a busy one for work – it’s mostly consisted of me tapping away on my laptop with my eyes going square to bring you some awesome new videos and blog posts to read, which you’ve been loving!

I started my week by visiting the Boots skincare conference to find out more about the new Sanex 0% moisturisers which are exclusive to Boots. Boots host their skincare conference to help train all their skincare advisors on the awesome range of products they sell so they know exactly what to recommend when someone comes into store. Sanex have just released a range of moisturisers designed for dry and sensitive skin as they only have around 13-14 ingredients in compares to up to 40 that others can contain so they’re super good for you but actually work really well at fighting dryness! I’m a big Sanex fan with my sensitive bits so I couldn’t wait to give these a go and I have to say my dry legs love them. Check them out here: Sanex 0% Moisturisers!*

I got sent an awesome picnic basket from wayfair and delved into the word of flavoured gin. I also did an at home DNA test to find out which nutrients I’m deficient in in the hope it may help me get to the bottom of why I’m so poorly all the time! I’m on it!

I have to admit, for my sins, that I have started watching Love Island this year! It’s terrible but I’m really enjoying it – sorry not sorry! I will try to keep the chat to a minimum on the vlogs…but if you want to hear my opinions then come follow me on Twitter @xameliax and tune in between 8-9pm!

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Let’s talk about Moles – check them regularly, use high factor sunscreen and go to your GP if you’re worried – it’ better to be safe than sorry!

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*Vlog contains paid collaboration with Boots & Sanex