Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, iKettles and Wilson’s First Bath | My Week In Photos & Weekly Vlog Episode 10

Last week was a bit up and down with some amazing trips out and about followed by a bout of food poisoning…not fun! At the start of the week I launched another giveaway on instagram to win that amazing Barry M nail kit with 30 best selling polishes worth £90!!! My giveaway is still live until Wednesday so give it a go HERE! I whipped up another batch of homemade soup and tried out some lovely new candles from Zuna London.

I’m really loving the festive season this year snuggled up with the heating on, my favourite blanket, super soft pjs and a Christmassy candle flickering away surrounded by fairy lights – bring on the big day I say! I also got my mitts on this month’s Love Me Beauty box which was a real corker and I finally caved and bought the Olympus Pen with a killer lens to boot – can’t wait for it to arrive so I can have a play!

On Wednesday Joe and I went to London to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which was incredible and we had a lovely day with one another wandering through the sparkly Covent Garden Square and enjoying a few cocktails before hopping on the train back home. Thursday was a right off as I was out for the count all day with food poisoning from the night before – it was awful and really knocked me for six! Luckily I was feeling a lot better by Friday and I just about managed to catch up with all the work I’d missed.

The weekend was a pretty chilled affair with home cooking, a friend’s Christening and Wilson’s first bath! We had a lovely couple of two days catching up on all our favourite programmes, binge watching Harry Potter on Sky Movies and cuddling up on the sofa!

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Next week we’re watching our first panto (oh no we’re not!) and going out for an early family Christmas Dinner!

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