WOMAN DOWN! | My Week In Photos & xameliax Weekly Vlog Episode 24


Remember when I told you a few weeks ago I hardly ever get poorly but when I do it floors me? *ding ding ding* Welcome to round two. Just when I finally started to feel better after the cold from hell I get struck down with the flu…thanks for that universe! I was feeling so much better, yes I still had a snuffle and the occasional cough but I was well on my way to being fighting fit once more until I go and catch a second one which knocks me for six! So the second half of last week was spent glued to the sofa in pyjamas drinking water like it was going out of fashion and feeling utterly miserable.

Monday I went to Pure Tone a new class at the gym and Tuesday I tried my first ever yoga class, both of which were fun and tough however probably not the best for a recovering body – lesson learned. Tuesday night I went to see Mary Poppins at the Hippodrome which was great and well worth a watch before being hit by the imaginary flu bus when I woke up on Wednesday. A few lovely parcels like this Easter basket from Barry M and the new ghd Azures cheered me up but it was strict bed rest and Netflix for me before slowly slipping into insanity come the weekend!

Wilson Cuddles

I had to cancel a girls night in and a night out with friends to celebrate an engagement in favour of, yep, you guessed it – more tv and rest! I’m the world’s worst sick person because doing nothing drives me mad so as you can imagine it wasn’t overly fun even though I did get to watch a lot of Suits and finally finish 90210! I couldn’t even look at my laptop let alone film so I’m sorry if you noticed the lack of video this Sunday – I’m currently trying to get a DR’s appointment so we can make sure I kick this flu’s butt and get back to 100% health super soon because being ill is 110%miserable.

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Currently feeling a little better and working on staying better this time – I’ve got loads of things planned this week so we need to get back on that healthy bus!