Why No Weight Loss Journey Is Too Big


Finally in our guest post series we have Lauren from LoseitLikeLauren with some serious fitness inspiration for you – Why No Weight Loss Journey is Too Big. 

Hi my name is Lauren Mae, I run a Youtube channel which I started at the beginning of my weight loss journey 8 years ago. Since then I have naturally lost 10 and a half stone and maintained it for 5 years!
I often get asked “What made you finally decide to lose weight?” “Did you reach a point where you just thought, right, enough is enough?” Yes I did, and here it is…


My Mum and I were going away to Cyprus for a lovely break together and I was really excited as I hadn’t been on holiday in a while… All was going well until we boarded the plane and I sat in the seat. Firstly I barely fitted into the seat which was horrifying enough but then I tried to do up the seat belt… Even whilst writing this I am welling up because I can remember the pain I felt at this specific moment. The seatbelt wouldn’t do up over my stomach… I started to panic, what should I do? Mum could see that I was distressed and offered to ask the Stewardess for an extender belt but that just filled me with even more dread! After a while of manoeuvring my flab around, I lifted my tummy up and did the seat belt up underneath my huge belly. It was absolutely horrific but by the skin of my teeth, I was in… The second horrendous moment happened later that day, I had chilled out after the earlier event and we arrived at the villa. We had a beautiful private pool so I thought it would be lovely to go for a swim. As I was getting out of the pool I broke the ladder. My foot just went straight through the plastic step… I was so mortified that I made Mum call the owner and say that she had broken it. I will add that my boyfriend had just dumped me so I knew that something in my life had to change. Something major.

My highest weight was 22 stone 7 lbs.

I can still remember those starting days like they were yesterday. I remember the fear, I remember the sadness and I remember the doubt but I knew I couldn’t stay living my life as I was.


After many years of different failed weight loss attempts like The Atkins Diet and The Rosemary Connelly plan, I finally decided that it was time to take matters into my own hands. So I dragged myself to a gym and signed up, I still remember what I was wearing that day because I was so ridiculously self conscious. I am sure that the long black velvet skirt and cowboy boots didn’t help… No joke!

When I first started going to the gym I can still remember thinking… “Why am I here? I am never going to reach my goal.” “What is the point?”

But I started small, with things that were going to be easy to change. I knew that if I just got into a routine with my exercise then everything else would follow. I was (and still am) the laziest person ever. I would make excuses for everything so to make myself stay accountable, I started my YouTube channel. I found that there was a really great community of people in exactly the same position as me.

I learned about healthy foods, I didn’t just go and eat things that said “low fat” or “sugar free”. I educated myself as much as I could, and learned that eating those types of foods makes you put on weight! Knowledge is power.
All was going well, I lost about a stone, then everything came to a halt.

My Mum and Dad were worried, I knew that I had to pull my finger out and find my motivation again!


It wasn’t until Mum went away to Norfolk and went to a charity shop and found Paul McKenna’s “I can make you thin” book. I was very sceptical but I read the book, everything made sense and to be honest it all sounded way too good to be true, but I started following his simple rules and the weight starting falling off.

I continued with the gym, keeping it up was REALLY difficult but when I started seeing results I became obsessed. I was doing cardio and upping my levels each week.

I still had many negative moments where I would think bad thoughts. I can remember walking down the path to the gym thinking “Why are you even here? You are never going to reach your goal” but I told that voice in my head to shut up and carried on regardless.


That is when I started filling my life with motivation, I started making friends with other people in the YouTube weight loss community (back then Instagram wasn’t a thing!) I would put motivational phrases up in my room, in my purse and I would repeat certain lines in my head if I was feeling weak around food. One of my favourites is “is this really worth it?” “Do you want this food that you have wanted for half an hour, or the body you have wanted your whole life…?” The choice was easy.
No matter what size you are, no matter how long it will take, making little steps everyday WILL be the BEST THING that you have ever done. Here’s why:
You will be healthier than ever before and it will improve every quality of your life.
You will have something incredible to focus on, when you start seeing changes you won’t want to stop!
You will meet people that you would never have met before, I have met my best friends through my fitness/online journey.
You will develop a confidence like no other and you will know that you can achieve WHATEVER you put your mind to!

You will freaking ROCK (even more than you already do)!


All of those things that you are feeling right now? I know exactly what you are going through and trust me, you are never alone in this. It may seem like you are at the end of the line and there is no light at the end of the tunnel but there is. It isn’t about being perfect, it is about effort and when you start making little bits of effort every single day that’s when change happens and that is when you will see the new you, slowly emerging.

You didn’t put the weight on over night, so you will not lose it over night. Be kind and be patient to yourself. You will not regret it.