Why Everyone Should Be Using Rose Face Mists

Rose Face Mist

Rose Face Mist

Article by | Lucy Forrester

It’s a warm day. You have your powder and other emergency essentials in your handbag, ready to combat the shine and top-up your perfectly applied make-up throughout the day. What else could you need? Well I would like to suggest that you consider adding a bottle of rose mist to your beauty arsenal!

Face mists are a great way to rejuvenate and hydrate your face and skin over the course of the day. I have always sworn by my well-loved bottle of Body Shop Vitamin C Energising Face Spritz. I always reach for this to spray over myself in between my dog walks, especially on hot days. I didn’t think that I could find anything else which I would love as much, but that was until I recently discovered rose mists.

My skin can be a bit of a nightmare to manage. It is acne-prone and sensitive, but since trying out face mists, I find that the rose water variety really helps to bring down the redness of my skin and soothes, as well as smelling absolutely incredible!

As a result of my skin issues, I do feel a lot more confident going out wearing make-up. When I go out to work I usually pop on some foundation, a bit of blusher or bronzer and mascara as the bare minimum (the dogs don’t seem to mind if I haven’t spent too much time on my appearance so that’s something!) On hot days I find my skin gets super shiny, and on wet days it pretty much gets washed off of my face! So when I found out that mists can be used as a way to set make-up after application, I was eager to put my two new favourites to the test!

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist Intense* (£45) uses a variety of rose extracts expertly blended to create a mist that softens and hydrates the skin. The glass bottle is beautiful and a soft pink colour that would compliment any dressing table.

From the first spray of Jurlique I was completely drawn in by the instant feeling of freshness, and the absolutely gorgeous rose scent. I misted it over my face once I had finished my make up in the morning and went out to work as normal. Straight away my face felt rejuvenated, a sensation that lasted for ages. Being outside all day every day really sometimes makes my skin feel like it’s taken a beating within a few hours, but it occurred to me that my face felt very hydrated, and four hours into my day I walked into a client’s house and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I couldn’t believe how fresh-faced I appeared! My make-up pretty much looked as fresh as it was when I had initially applied it, and I did not feel the need to apply a top up of foundation as I usually need to at that sort of point in the day.

Mauli Rituals Devotion Rose Mist* (£10) is made using a steam distilling process which ensures the rose extract within remains fresh and well-preserved. Though the bottle is arguably not as attractive as the Jurlique, it is a far more convenient size, perfect for your handbag. It can be applied to the skin and hair to hydrate throughout the day and has a lovely subtle scent.

The Mauli Mist really had a challenge when I first spritzed it on. It was a typical British summer’s day, so of course it was pouring with rain! As before, I applied it after my make-up and then went out for seven hours of walking in the wet weather. I have to say, I was surprised at how well my make-up stayed looking quite fresh despite the lashing rain! It was almost as if the Mauli mist had shielded my face from the elements. I spritzed a little more on over the course of the day and as before, did not feel the need to top up my foundation.

So there we have it, two rose mists that are the perfect pick-me-up for your face. They are brilliant at restoring the dewy freshness to your skin, bringing back a bit of life throughout the day whatever the weather. I thought nothing could top my trusty Body Shop spritz, but the Jurlique and Mauli mists are serious competition. They will definitely be a permanent addition to my beauty ritual!

Are you a face mist fan? Would you switch to rose for setting your makeup?

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