WE WENT VIRAL!!! | My Week In Photos & xameliax Weekly Vlog Episode 32

Well well well, what a week this has been! The words whirlwind and hurricane come to mind, it’s been incredible! I started my week in London on a boat drinking (green)tea with PG tips which honestly seems like SO long ago! It was a lot of fun and I finally discovered a green tea I can actually drink with their raspberry flavour – I’ve also got a box of the orange sat on the side that I’m boiling the kettle for right now! I bloomin’ love tea and I’m so glad I can actually drink the green stuff now too!

The rest of the week until Thursday afternoon was spent like Rihanna work work working and scheduling lots of awesome content and videos – I’ve got things booked in for July now which is crazy but also very exciting!

When I woke up on Monday morning I had no idea that by the weekend my body positivity message and #JustAsIAm campaign would have been seen by over 122,000 people worldwide and been featured in over 16 magazines and news centres! Last week Cosmopolitan picked up my video and wrote up an amazing article on me which then caused a bit of a media snowball and took us VIRAL! I was on the Cosmo snapchat story and in magazines in Germany, Australia, Netherlands, France and NZ, it was insane!

I’m so incredibly happy that my #JustAsIAm message is reaching and helping so many people – thank you so much for all your support and for joining in with the movement, you guys are incredible.

On Thursday my friend Lauren came round to stay for a few days and we went to my old kickboxing class for a session and to the pub quiz! On Friday we were off to Alton Towers to test out their new ride Galactica and the roller coaster restaurant. We had such an amazing day and they’ll be a whole vlog about it coming on Thursday!!!

At the weekend I went to Birmingham for lunch with Lauren and my friend Lucy where we got our eyebrows done and ate lots of cake! Sunday it was dinner and drinks with mine and Joe’s parents and enjoying the lovely sunshine that came our way.

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This week I’m filming in London with Costa, heading back to my favourite spin class, being interviewed by Capital FM (eeeeek!) and going to Thorpe Park!!!

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