Being Patient With Yourself | xameliax Weekly Vlog #77

Last week in the vlog I shared something incredibly personal and the response has been astounding. The support, the kindness and the bravery shown by every single one of you who commented, messaged or emailed me afterwards was incredible – you should all be really proud.

Mental health is so important to keep openly discussing to break down stereotypes, stigmas and judgement that just shouldn’t’ exist in 2017. Do I feel like I should be labelled as ‘depressed’? No. Do I feel like I should need tablets to help me be happy? Also no. But has my diagnosis and prescription helped? Abso-bloody-lutely.

This week I’ve still been adjusting to my tablets and some days, especially Thursday, feeling very very sick. After a lot of puppy and boyfriend cuddles and a gorgeous bouquet of flowers I was up for a lovely date night on Friday night and felt so much stronger than I have in months.

I got myself a gorgeous new chair but made a spectacular miscalculation with space so ended up donating it to Chris instead! It’s called an angel chair from Sloane & Sons and it’s just so SO cool, I’m now really jealous of his living room…I might swap it for my poang one day and see if he notices! You can check it out at around 34 minutes into this weeks vlog and you’ll thank me later!

xameliax puppy

There may not be loads of exciting things going on in my world right now, I’m simply taking each day at a time and being patient with myself. Learning to enjoy feeling ok again and rebuilding my world, relationships and self-worth.

Thank you for bearing with me while I get myself back on track, and please, if anything in my vlogs resonates with you right now, don’t be afraid to seek help and talk to loved ones or your GP.

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I’ll be back with vlogs over the next couple of weeks as I have a very exciting press trip next weekend! I’m really excited, a little nervous but mostly just eager to get back on a plane and explore a new part of the world!