Thorpe Park, Ombre Hair and IPhone Fun

This weekend was the last ‘lazy weekend‘ for a while as our social calendars are now chokka for nearly the next two months! The sun has started to shine, we have loads to look forward to and i really feel like his is the turning point for Spring and the run up to Summer – happy days!

Last week we went on out annual trip to Thorpe Park with a group of friends i’ve know for a long long time aka ‘The Theme Park Crew’. We couldn’t have asked for better weather, it was simply glorious all day and hardly any queues which was a bonus! We rode all our favourites and even a few new ones whilst chatting away and catching up on what we’ve all been up to. I made some Rice Crispy Cakes from the giant box of cereal we bought to get our 241 ticket which went down a treat, and Joe even won me a cuddly sheep from the arcade – I was far too excited!

Operation bikini bod is now in full swing with our holiday officially booked so i’m still enjoying my morning smoothies whilst running and kickboxing my way to a pool-side worthy frame! I’m also going to be started a new tea detox soon so i’ll be sure to report back with that and my trusty Slendertone will be making an appearance again from tonight! We’ve got a lot of lovely meals and boozy nights coming up so i don’t think the abs will make a full return, but we can certainly give it a go!

After seeing my beautiful friend Stacey at Thorpe Park with her gorgeous ombre locks i decided to bite the bullet and bring back my ombre! Having never dyed my hair myself before i was a nervous wreck, but with a few tips from the ladies at work and a lot of fiddling around i pulled it off and i’m so happy with the way it looks, it’s amazing! Anyone thinking about using the L’Oreal Preference Ombre kit go for it, because if i can do it, anyone can!

Saturday Joe finally joined the world of the iPhone which i think i was more excited about than he was! He can now instagram, snapchat and imessage away to his hearts content and he’s getting the swing of it pretty quick – you can find him on twitter and instagrammy @JoeKenMil if you fancied a new follow! We celebrated with a lovely cup of Costa and DIY Dinner Dated our way through the evening with some pate, duck breast, dark chocolate puddings and a stunning bottle of chateaux neuf du pape and i found out that photos together where i’m not wearing heels can be tricky! Sunday was spent being super lazy, taking blog photos, watching the football, catching up on tv and cuddling on the sofa before i made my way home happy in the knowledge that it’s another 4 day week!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the Spring sunshine!