.Weekend in Photos. 

Another long weekend – what have we done to deserve all this extra time off?! Despite having an extra day this weekend has been quite relaxed after Edinburgh the week before which I think we both needed! It’s also my birthday on Friday and we have another weekend away the following week so we decided to take it super easy this bank holiday. 

On Friday I received a giant box from Fiorelli with my gorgeous new Kenzie Tote and Harper Purse inside so I could take part in their May #OOTW on instagram. If you’re not following already get your bottoms over to @xameliax to see some outfit photos throughout this month featuring this gorgeous piece of arm candy! I love my new bag to death but the box also provided entertainment for some time before I broke it being pulled around the kitchen floor by my ankles! Saturday was spent playing around with Joe’s new coffee machine he got for his birthday, reading magazines and enjoying a homemade quiche (recipe coming soon!) before dolling up for a friend’s 30th birthday party in the evening. 

Sunday we went to Birmingham to spend Joe’s birthday money and grab some lunch. He got a beautiful new shirt and treated me to a new pair of sunglasses (I have a major obsession!) before pottering off for a yummy Pan Asian lunch and coming home for a few beers and a couple of episodes of Game of Thrones. Yesterday we did the food shopping for Joe (rock and roll!) and went out for a lovely walk in the afternoon. I love nothing more than taking a stroll hand in hand chatting about silly things and just enjoying each other’s company. 

So my birthday countdown is officially on – we’ve only got a 4 day week, so bring on Friday and lots of cake!