A Chilled Bank Holiday with Manflu | My Week in Photos

Another long weekend, we are lucky in this little country aren’t we! This bank holiday for me has been a really chilled one after our London adventure last week and I think it’s exactly what we both needed.

Last week I passed my Red Belt in kickboxing officially granting me third grade ninja status! It was a tough one this time round, they’re getting harder and harder but I managed it with ease according to my teacher which i’m quite proud of! Sadly on Thursday I came down with yet another bout of manflu (don’t know why I’m so diseased all the time these days) so I was feeling pretty poopy. Loaded up with an everlasting supply of paracetemol, Sudafed and pocket tissues I battled on until the weekend and travelled to Joe’s to be looked after for a few days.

Normally I’m all go go go so it’s really difficult for me to relax and have other people sort things out but the boy did a fantastic job bringing me my favourite beer to enjoy in my pjs on the sofa before ordering in a super hot Chinese takeaway to try and clear out a few cobwebs and so I could actually taste something I was eating! In the morning I was woken up with fresh croissants and a giant soy latte in bed and we simply spent the day milling around the house getting a few bits and bobs done that have been overdue for a while. In the evening we made a giant bowl of popcorn and settled down to watch The Wolf Of Wall Street – a film we’d both been wanting to see for ages – and got an early-ish night….it’s a long film!

Sunday it was my mum’s birthday so I wrapped up her pressies (iPhone goodies she’d asked for and a little homemade purse to keep them in) and we headed off home to celebrate with my parents. They had both wanted to go for a swim in the afternoon so we decided to work off some of that Chinese takeaway in the gym which was really fun although a bit of a shock for Joe who had never stepped foot in one before Sunday! After 45 minutes on the cross trainer and 15 minutes doing weights we headed off downstairs into the clubhouse for dinner and a well-deserved glass of wine! Yesterday was another relaxed day but as the sun was shining we decided to take a walk to our local pub for lunch and to watch some football! We picked healthy lunches just to ruin them with a giant cake from the display which was way too good to resist and then treated ourselves to fajitas and a big old gin in the evening!

We’re both on serious holiday countdown now with take-off being less than two weeks away so we’re going to be super good now until we head off into the sun! Wish me luck resisting all the office treats and not completely blowing things out of the water at the weekend…it’s just so hard being good when you’re not feeling tip top and everything naughty tastes so good!