Halloween Weekend in Photos

Lazy makeup days and loads of halloween fun is what my weekend consisted of this week, all with a generous helping of sofa cuddles and lie-ins to hide out from the autumn winds.

I wasn’t feeling 100% at the start of the week so i decided to work from home in order to stay comfortable and get myself back on track. Since my stay in hospital a couple of months back my body seems to be a little more susceptible to things these days so i’m still trying to remember that i’m not superwoman and sometimes it’s best to slow things down a little. Luckily things didn’t get any worse and with the help of lots of tea and comfy pj bottoms i felt a little better.

On Friday it was time for our annual visit to Alton Towers Scarefest! The boyfriend had never been before at Halloween so myself and the rest of our regular team made sure he experienced all of the Halloween fun! As always we had such a great day riding all the coasters in the daylight and in the dark, eating lots of halloween treats and taking in all the spooky editions to the park. We also braved two of the scare mazes – The Sanctuary and The Carnival of Screams which although made us squeal and jump out of our skin were so much fun!…you’re not safe anywhere at Scarefest, not even when they take your picture!

Don’t forget to watch my Scarefest vlog for all the ghastly goings on from our day!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zEznZwLXT4]

Yesterday the boy and I got out our carving tools and carried on the halloweeny festivities even more with our spooktacular pumpkins! He’d never carved a pumpkin before (whaaat?!) so i think he did a fantastic job! My pumpkin however had decided he was fed up of scaring people for Halloween and put on a smile instead.

Today has been spent enjoying our extra hour in bed (thank you clocks), eating out with his family and now snuggling up by the fire with mine to watch X-Factor with a cup of tea and a cheeky bit of chocolate.

I hope your weekend has been just as fun! 

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