Weddings, Suprise Dresses and Sunny Walks

Last week and this weekend have felt a little manic but I still managed to shove a load of fun stuff in. Sometimes life gets in the way and you have to squeeze things in when you can which is why Beth and I invented a new craze called ‘speed coffee catch-ups’ to be implemented when you want to see each other but don’t have a whole lot of time! They’re a great stop gap until you can meet up properly which is what we’re doing this Wednesday after work, but last week homemade soy lattes and shop brought lemon cake (shock horror!) had to do!

Last week also included a mid-week date to the cinema watching Liam Neeson’s epic new film Non-Stop and an amazing surprise gift from the boy! I was feeling a little sad about not having anything pretty to wear for a wedding reception on Saturday night when he turned up for our date ASOS parcel in hand containing a beautiful chiffon dress for me to wear – hottest fairy godmother in the world or what?! I was blown away yet again by his thoughtfulness and suddenly couldn’t wait for the weekend.

The weekend finally came and as Joe and I had managed to accidentally bypass pancake day in the week I decided I was going to make pancakes on Saturday morning.  But before I’d even realised, he’d disappeared downstairs and appeared at the bedroom door with a gigantic stack of fluffy chocolate chip pancakes and fresh strawberries! By his own admission he’s not the best cook in the world so I can only imagine how stressed he must have been making these for the first time ever on his own in the kitchen, but drizzled with maple syrup they were so yummy and they secretly made my day – he’s going to have to cook more often now!

In the evening we headed off to his friend’s wedding reception which was just lovely. I’ve only been to a couple of weddings in my time as an adult and I’d almost forgotten how heart-warming they were. After a fun night of drinking, socialising and dancing we headed upstairs to our hotel room for a good night’s kip. Swapping breakfast for an extra hour in bed as usual we got up, packed our suitcases and checked out of the hotel only to step into the most glorious day we’d seen in a while – it seems spring is finally here. We decided to take a long walk in the sunshine together just holding hands and talking and it did me the world of good. I’ve been feeling a bit stressed recently so the peace & quiet of the forest, fresh air and vitamin d boost really helped me relax and I honestly couldn’t have been happier. We got an ice lolly on the way back to the car and spent the rest of the day snuggled on the sofa catching up on tv and enjoying the rest of the weekend.

My focus for this week is to slow down a little and get more sleep. I’ve been playing super woman for a few weeks now and it’s starting to take it’s toll so I feel it’s time to take a little step back for a while. Posts will still be popping up as will my videos but I think I’ll be winding things down a little until I can re-charge the old batteries and get myself back on track.

Have a wonderful week everyone, and enjoy that sunshine as much as you can!