Wave Bye Bye to Chapped Lips and Cold Sores | Liquorice Lip Balm

I’m a lip balm hoarder. I love trying new flavours and formulas out on my lips to keep them looking nice and kissable especially in the colder months. Ever since being on Roaccutane as a teenager i’ve never been without one (or three) in my handbag and this is my new fave – Liquorice Balm*!

Now i’m very lucky not to suffer with cold sores (touch wood) but for those of you who do, listen up. Liquorice Balm is highly recommended for both preventing and healing those nasty buggers when they appear so this one could be worth investing in for the next few months if you are in the cold sore club! For those of you who don’t suffer from cold sores, this balm is fantastic for soothing dry winter-damaged lips and bringing them back to their full glory; however if you’re not a fan of liquorice then look away now!

It’s a solid looking balm when you unscrew the lid to the very generous sized tin, but when you stick your finger in and apply to the lips it forms almost an oil-like texture which just sinks into the skin. It smells amazing (if you’re a liquorice fan of course) and i’ve even found that slapping it on and taking a few deep breaths helps stop any sweet cravings i have in the afternoon which is incredible – worth buying just for that in my opinion! My lips feel supple, soft and really well moisturised for ages after applying and it now permanently lives on my office desk for plenty of re-applications throughout the day. From one lip balm lover to the next, definitely give this one a try, i love it.

You can find Liquorice Balm on the Skin Shop website for £7.95 HERE!

Do you suffer from cold sores? Are you an aniseed fan? Have you tried Liquorice Balm?

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