.A One Stop Shop For Your Hair In A Bottle | Uniq All In One Treatment. 

Having a ridiculous amount of hair means that it takes a ridiculous amount of time to care for it, so any product that helps me speed up this process is alright by me. So when I heard about Uniq’s All In One Treatment* I got a bit too excited and actually washed my hair a day early to give it a spin!

 So what does it actually do? In short, this product does everything (apart from wash and dry your hair for you sadly) from protection to styling help – in particular, all of this:

Repair for Dry & Damaged Hair

Shine & Frizz Control

Heat Protection

Improves Smoothness

Protects Colour with UV Filters

Easier Brushing and Straightening


Prevents Split Ends

Makes Your Hair Style Last

Adds Body

Now a lot of these we can’t really measure so we’ll just have to take Uniq’s word of it, but out of those you can visibly see, it totally works! The first thing I noticed was how much it helped to detangle everything which is a real plus for me and my ends looked really good once dry too. My hair looked shiny and felt as though it had a bit of hold to it too which meant it kept it’s shape after styling and didn’t flick out at the ends of my layers like it normally does after a night’s sleep – bonus! It’s really easy to use too by spraying liberally on damp hair (about 10 sprays for my length) at a fair distance away from the head to create a fine mist and drying as normal. You can also use on dry hair by spraying a little into your palms, working through the ends and re-styling with straighteners for added shine. 

I really like this spray and my hair does too and it’s great to have a product that does so much in one bottle. It’s not too pricey with a bottle coming in at just under £12 but with the amount you’re supposed to use it could go down pretty quickly. I’d say this is ideal for those out there who want to protect their hair, keep colours bright and make styling easier without having to reach for a million products every time – a winner for me during the week that’s for sure.

You can find the Uniq All In One Treatment on Hairtrade HERE for £11.40!

How many products do you use on your hair? Would you swap them all for a universal product?

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