My Top 5 Favourite Contour Products

Best contour products for pale skin

Favourite contour and highlight products xameliaxI love a good contour, especially when i want to make a statement with my makeup and over the years i’ve acquired a plethora of different products to get the perfect contoured look with. It’s worth noting that unless i’ve been away i have an incredibly pale complexion so rest assured that all of these products are ‘English Rose’ friendly and won’t leave you looking scary when applied in the right way!

Here are a few of my favourite contour and highlighting products ranging from high street to high end with something for every budget:

Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit* (£6.49) – This might actually be my favourite of the lot as it does everything in one go AND for under £7! With a matte light powder (damn near impossible to find) a medium bronzer and a darker contour shade it’s perfect for creating that Kim K look from one palette. It even comes with simple instructions to get you started – i love it. The powders are finely milled and have just enough pigmentation whilst still blending easily to create a natural contour look, and they’re all matte which is a bonus. If you’re new to contouring or even if you’re a seasoned pro i’d certainly recommend the Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit.

Two Faced Candlight Glow Highlighter (£25) and Chocolate Soleil Bronzer* (£25) – These two are a match made in heaven, one to highlight, the other to contour and both performing as well as each other. The Candlight Glow Highlighter is one of my all time favourites with it’s two tone pan -a perfect pink rose glow for the cheeks and a white shimmer for other high points on the face. It’s not too OTT but it still packs a punch, you will have seen me rave about this one many time before. As for the bronzer, apart form the fact is smells just like a chocolate bar, it’s super blendable and just the right shade for my skin (i have the light version) making it great for contouring or sweeping across alone as a bronzer. They’re not cheap at £25 each but the quality really does shine through and you’re getting a big pan for your pennies.

Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder in Medium (£35) – This was one of the first contour products i got my mitts on after Anna from VDM recommended it. It’s not cheap but it’s a fantastic product and as you can see i find myself reaching for it quite often. It’s got such a lovely contour colour, not orange but a deep taupe perfect for creating cheekbones and it blends so effortlessly it’s been worth every single penny for me.

Bourjois Delice De Poudre Bronzing Powder and Highlighter* (£7.99) – This is another all in one product that isn’t going to break the bank with one side for contour and the other for highlighting. The bronzer is matte but the highlighter has a slight shimmer which compliment each other well, the only thing that makes these trickier to use is how close they are in the palette. Not as pigmented as the Barry M set but so compact and FAB for your handbag.

What are your favourite contour products?

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