Top 10 Living Together Truths REVEALED

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Nothing shatters the illusion of romance more than moving in with your other half. Let’s face it, we start of trying to preserve an air of allure and keep our strange beauty habits behind closed bathroom doors but eventually they all come out much to the surprise and wonder of the boy we share a bed with!

Sudocrem Face Masks

So it turns out one of the best (and cheapest) products to clear a breakout leaves you looking like Mrs Doubtfire. Your man will love this one when he sees it in action for the first time!

Mid-Contour Face

Boys just don’t realise the structuring that goes into those perfectly blended cheekbones. If they pop upstairs mid-contouring, be prepared for some strange looks.

Big Pants For Your Off Days (or you know, whenever the hell you like)

Because sometimes you just want to wear your giant old granny pants and slob on the sofa instead of having a piece of string up your bottom.


Everyone knows what it is and what it’s used for, you better get used to that bottle sat next to your manly body wash from now on. It’s happening, we’re all adults here.

Awkward Shaving Positions

Look forward to the moment he accidentally walks in and finds you straddling the side of the bath to reach those unreachable places without doing yourself a mischief.

Fake Tan

No I won’t look like this tomorrow, yes I do smell like biscuits, no I don’t care about our nice fresh white bed sheets.

Growing Hair Before a Holiday Wax / Rashes From No In-Between Days

You start off by shaving every single day to stay smooth and party ready but soon discover the red raw aftermath of never giving yourself a day off. And let’s not forget those glorious few weeks before a big holiday to make sure you’ve got a good length ready for your pre-poolside wax!

Shower Caps For Non-Hair Wash Days

Not just for nans and pretty much an essential for long hair unless you want to spend up to two hours drying and styling every single day. they’re really useful ok!

Girls Don’t Poo

Hate to break it to you on this one.

Eventually The Crazy Just Comes Out

Oh you left your rubbish on the side again instead of reaching over 5cms and putting it in the bin? That’s cool. I’m fine with that. Nooo problemoooo….Pack your bags.

Do you live with your boyfriend? What are your living together truths?