Tiffany Box Manicure

I love Tiffany. I’ve been treated to a few sets of earrings, a lovely ring and of course my stunning 21st birthday charm bracelet with four beautiful charms in the past and i’ve kept the boxes for each one. They’re stacked up on my bedroom chest looking pretty and they’ve inspired this manicure!

As soon as i got my hands on Essie’s Mint Candy Apple Green i knew i’d have to do some kind of Tiffany manicure with it as it’s so similar to the Tiffany Box Blue. And do you know what tumblrinos, i think it looks simply lovely next to white, especially those cute little bows. This one’s all hand painted with a striping brush and was fiddly work, but worth the time!

Polish: Essie’s Mint Candy Apple Green, Konad Special Polish in White* and Black* from Funtica.

Have you ever received a little blue Tiffany Box – what was inside?!


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