Visiting Derren Brown, Nitrogen Ice Cream & Getting VERY Wet | Thorpe Park 2016

Thorpe Park Vlog 2016 still

It’s another Theme Park Vlog and this time we’re at Thorpe Park!!! We visit Derren Brown, eat nitrogen ice cream and get soaked on Tidal Wave! We had such a great day and the sun was shining to help us dry off after the water rides thank goodness!

Thank you to Thorpe Park for inviting us all along for the day!

You can book your tickets on their website HERE they’ve got some great deals at the moment! 

Testing Galactica and The Roller Coaster Restaurant at Alton Towers!

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*Thorpe Park gifted our group tickets and fast tracks so we could enjoy the park for the day – as always the fun we had was all our own!