The Bear Grill Stafford

The Bear Grill Stafford Review

Owned by the same company as The Swan Hotel in Stafford and just across the road, The Bear Grill boasts beasty burgers and a great grill menu for a laid back pub meal feel in the centre of town. The perfect place to get together with friends or for a naughty lunch during the day there’s a reason why The Bear Grill does so well and their burgers are talked about for miles around. Joe and I went down last Friday night for a little nostalgic pub grub dinner date and we had such a lovely time i couldn’t wait to share with you all!The Bear Grill Stafford Review (3)

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On Stafford highstreet The Bear Grill is a long traditional looking pub that’s always busy. We went in at 7pm on a Friday and nearly all the tables were full with groups, couples and younger diners all tucking into giant burger stacks! We sat down and were greeted by our friendly waitress who took our drinks order and let us take a look through the menus. Joe went for their guest ale served in adorable pub branded glassware and i tried out one of their cocktails with Gin, Lime, Cucumber, Elderflower and Soda which was long and super refreshing, similar to my Elderflower Gintlime Fizz from last summer! Later i tried their Blood Orange Margarita which came blended and was really tasty, definitely a mix i’m going to try out at home and reasonable too at under £8.

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To start i chose the Southern Fried Chicken Strips with BBQ Sauce (£5.25) because they reminded me of the food i used to have when i went out for pub grub with my parents as a kid! They were crispy, really well seasoned and so easy to eat, a yummy starter indeed. Joe jumped on the nostalgia cart with me and ordered Stuffed Potato Skins With Mozzarella and Bacon (£5.25) which reminded me of mum’s home cooking and although slightly overpriced it was a brilliantly tasty plate.

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On to the mains! We’d heard great things about The Bear Grill Burgers from numerous people so we got stuck right in with our order! Joe chose their Pesto Beef Burger (£9.50) with Staffordshire Beef, Buffalo Mozzarella and Green Pesto…it was huge! Served in a toasted brioche bun oozing with filling, a side of shoestring fries and coleslaw it was burger heaven on a plate! The meat was slightly pink in the middle and oh so tender with the bun super fresh and slightly sweet, delicious. Trying something a bit different, I went veggie for my main and chose their Greek Falafel Burger (£8.50) but swapped my toppings with Pea Falafel choice on the menu to get Halloumi and Aioli instead of the Feta and Olives. The staff were so obliging, nothing was a problem and my hybrid burger arrived in all it’s glory!

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Our waitress suggested we try their Sweet Potato Fries so i ordered those with mine and they were the best part of the whole meal – amazing, you have to try these! My falafel needed a little more seasoning, but on the whole is was really yummy and i’d definitely order it again!  We also ordered a monster side of Beer Battered Onion Rings (£2.50) which were incredible but too big to finish in the end!

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After a little break we decided we had to give pudding a go and as soon as we looked at the menu we knew what we needed to order! Sticking with the nostalgic pub grub theme we went for the Bear Sundae (£4.95) filled with Vanilla and Strawberry Ice Cream, Strawberry Sauce, Marshmallows and Gummy Bears! Complete with an old school wafer, whipped cream and topped hundreds and thousands we couldn’t help but giggle as we tucked into our pudding being taken right back to our childhoods sat in the pub with our parents warning us that we weren’t leaving until it was all eaten! With enough sugar to send you whappy for hours it was a sundae glass filled to the brim with great memories and we thoroughly enjoyed every spoonfulThe Bear Grill Stafford Review (1)

If you’re looking for posh nosh then you won’t find it here at The Bear Grill – try their sister pub across the road instead! But if brilliant burgers and hearty pub grub is your thing then you’ve certainly come to the right place. We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner and wouldn’t hesitate to come back for a naughty mid week dinner or lunch break from shopping. Our bill came to around £65* for three courses, two cocktails and two manly pints which for the amount of food, friendly service and beastly burgers i’d be happy to pay again. Your bill even comes with a little pot of gummy bears and the nostalgia is totally free!

You can take a look at the full menu from The Bear Grill on their website and book a table.

have you visited The Bear Grill Stafford before? Which was your favourite burger?

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*The Bear Grill invited us down for some nostaligic pub grub in exchange for an honest review – all opinions as always are our own