.Tea of the week from teapigs | Peppermint.

Beth laughed at me when i tried this tea for the first time the other day because i took a sip and exclaimed excitedly ’Mmmmm it tastes like mint’ – of course it does Amelia, it’s Peppermint Tea*! What i meant to say was that this tea tastes like no other mint tea i’ve tried before, it actually tastes like real life fresh garden mint instead of that dulled down minty flavour you usually find in a teabag.

It wasn’t until last year that i could stomach drinking mint tea but now it’s the first thing i reach for if my tummy is feeling a little sad. This blend is so fresh and light tasting as teapigs use the whole leaf in their temples which swell up to hold an entire herb garden when you pour in your water! Once again i am incredibly impressed and will be adding a box of these to my now gigantic teapigs order!

You can buy teapigs peppermint tea from their website HERE starting at just £1.19 and don’t forget you can also get 15% off with the code BLOGGERS12 – go go gooo!

Have you tried teapigs peppermint tea before? Is it the mintiest tea you’ve ever tried?!

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Keep your eyes peeled for next week’s tea of the week from teapigs!