.Tea of the week from teapigs | Mao Feng Green Tea.

Let’s start this review with a cold hard fact: i really don’t like green tea. I find it bitter and nasty and just generally a bit like pond water, so when i picked up this packet from of my giant teapigs envelope of joy i was a little disappointed. But i put the kettle on and got out my favourite cup and saucer to give their Mao Feng Green Tea* a whirl.

As usual with teapigs lovely temples you can see the leaves sat inside instead of the usual dust you find in other teabags which made it promising. It also turned a lovely clear greeny yellow colour in my cup instead of that horrid murky brown that usually comes with a cup of green tea. As for the taste? Well it hasn’t been my favourite of the teapigs teas i’ve tested but it’s actually not bad. I didn’t get the peachy undertones you’re supposed to, i almost got a slight hit of coffee at the end which was strange, but over all it was pleasant and i would drink it again. It’s certainly the best green tea i’ve ever tasted and i wouldn’t be adverse to a cup in the morning to give my body a bit of a boost. Supposedly a green tea for people who don’t like green tea, yes, i can see it, but would i choose it over the other teapig flavours i’ve tried so far? Not just yet!

You can buy teapigs super fruit tea from their website HERE starting at just £1.19 and don’t forget you can also get 15% off with the code BLOGGERS12 – go go gooo!

Have you tried teapigs mao feng tea before? Has it converted you to the realms of green tea?

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Keep your eyes peeled for next week’s tea of the week from teapigs!


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