Subtle Makeup Improvements | Clinique Superprimer and Feathering Mascara

.Subtle Makeup Improvements | Clinique Superprimer and Feathering Mascara.

I used to slap makeup on like there was no tomorrow covering up a multitude of blemishes, scribbling on my eyebrows and experimenting with a rainbow of eyeshadows and lippy shades – ah young beauty. Nowadays I find myself going for more of a natural makeup look most  of the time and ramping things up slightly at the weekends or if I’m off out somewhere, so any products that can help me achieve that ‘flawless without makeup look’ are winners in my books, and I’ve found two here from the Clinique lab that work a treat.

Primer is a step I usually skip unless my skin is looking especially bad or if I’m out and about for a long time and need some staying power. But I often find that during the week when I’ve not had much sleep or have been running myself ragged as I tend to do, my skin can look tired and dull pretty quickly. The Clinique Superprimers address a multitude of skin problems from dullness to discolouration, redness to sallowness or even just a universal tube to help smooth out lines and fill pores. I chose to  give their Superprimer for Dullness* (£20) a go which has a slightly pink tint and can be applied with fingers or a brush under your foundation or alone. It fills pores instantly giving a great base for makeup and feels pretty similar to my favourite Benefit Porefessional on the skin with the added benefit of brightening up my face in seconds. It sets down into quite a powdery feel but leaves the skin looking really healthy and bright and keeps my foundation in place ALL day. I’ve even found myself using it alone at the weekends when I don’t feel like a full face but want to blur out a few of those imperfections for my own sanity! I can see this primer lasting quite a while and seeing me through a number of seasons, I love it.

I do enjoy experimenting with new mascaras and recently I’ve been in the market for a new one. The new Lash Power Feathering Mascara* (£18) from Clinique comes in black or brown and creates a super subtle feathered eyelash look that I’ve fallen completely in love with. The wand is fat and feathery itself helping to separate the lashes expertly and leave a truly feathered lash look which builds up to add a bit more volume if required. This mascara isn’t going to give you false lash effect eyes but instead it leaves behind a stunning ‘my eyes but better’ look that’s perfect for every day and those who are sick of clumpy looking lashes – it removes like a dream too, no scrubbing your eyeballs out with this one ladies. I even use it at the weekends under my other lash favourite (Dior Blackout) to help prep and separate my lashes giving super sexy volume to boot!

Both of these products have captured my beauty blogger heart and placed Clinique even higher up on my list of favourite brands. Their products are quality, won’t completely break the bank and most importantly, do exactly what they say on the tin. If you’re looking for a subtle makeup look then this duo is for you!

You can find the Clinique Superprimers HERE and their Lash Power Feathering Mascara HERE on the Clinique website from just £18.

Are you a primer girl? Which Superprimer would you pick? What’s your favourite mascara – would you ditch your heavier lashes for a feather light look? 

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