Stay Healthy & Stay Full | A Simple But Genius Soup Suggestion

I saw my friend in the office doing this before Christmas so i thought i’d give it a go and it’s turned out to be absolutely revolutionary for me on the food front for staying on track with my diet and keeping me all full up! At lunch or after training i’d often reach for a tin of soup for something warm and quick to eat, but no matter how many pulses or chunky bits were in it i’d always feel starving a couple of hours later and in some cases it wouldn’t even fill me up to start with. So when i spotted Tara ripping up mushrooms like some crazy vegetable cereal killer i was instantly intrigued, even more so when she would pass up the rounds of cakes and biscuits like it was no big deal later on in the afternoon.

The Tip?

Add some raw veggies to your soup after heating and munch on down – it’s that simple, and it really does keep you full up till tea time…i’ve tried it! I swapped my giant plate of fish, rice and salad for a bowl of soup and veggies for a week and i honestly never went hungry. My favourites are a bag of Spinach, Watercress and Rocket mixed with Chestnut Mushrooms and some Golden Linseeds thrown in for good measure (and digestion). I never thought a bowl of soup would fill me up for so long until i tried this but it did and i’ve never looked back.

The best thing is that it doesn’t get boring. One bag of Spinach and a box of chestnut mushrooms will last you all week but if you change up your soup choices it tastes different every time. I’ve gone for a ‘posh‘ soup here to cheer me up after a tough training session but at lunch i usually just grab a low fat tinned concoction and off i go – simple and delicious!Give it a go soup lovers, it’s not revolutionary but it might just change your diet life a little!