Something Exciting Is Coming!!! | xameliax Weekly Vlog #105

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Well as you can see by the lack of instagram photos in this post is was a bit of an uneventful week last week! I pretty much spent the entire 7 days buried under mountains of work only venturing out to see other humans once or twice. It can be so hard when you work for yourself and live alone sometimes, a lonely old existence when your friends and family are busy, but we kept ourselves busy with a spot of furniture building and lots of Love Island!

I may not have been living the vida loca on the social calendar front last week but I have been spreading a little happiness amongst the people who mean the most to me! This week I’ve teamed up with a lovely little company called Happy Box London who let me send one of their happy boxes to three of my special people to cheer them up this week!

It was so lovely to see their faces as they opened up their gifts, each especially chosen for different reasons to make sure they know that they’re appreciated. Take a look throughout the vlog as Lucy, Matt and Lauren each open up a very happy little box indeed!

I’ve also got some VERY exciting news to share…but you’ll have to tune into the vlog to find that one out!

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* This week’s vlog contains a paid promotion with Happy Box London…totally worth it to see the happiness on my top 3’s faces!