Smoothie Monsters, Dim Sum Dates and 10,000 Subscribers!

This week started off a little humdrum but ended with a bang…well, more like a pop! I’ve been back on the healthy eating wagon after being poorly the other week which has been incredibly refreshing and i’ve loved every minute of it! The old smoothie maker has had a good dust off and i’m rocking the superfood packed salads for lunch – it’s been lovely to start eating clean again and moving my body after putting on a few extra lbs on holiday and feeling pretty weak last week. Wilson got some yummy natural treats delivered from The Tail Wagger and we’ve been teaching him how to sit using them! He’s picked it up so quickly (who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!) but he’s worked out in record time that if he sits down and looks adorable we normally cave and give him something tasty so he does it all the time!


At the weekend we had lots of social eating planned so it was a good thing i’d been being very good during the week! On Saturday we were invited to Chung Ying Central for Dim Sum and Cocktails at lunch which was a real experience for us both being dim sum newbies – more on that in a later post! After lunch we pottered around the Spring Beauty Fix in The Bullring where i got a gorgeous makeover with Lancome and learnt about all the colours that suit my skintone before hopping on the train home and getting ready for a double date with some lovely friends in the evening! More food and drink later we were all stuffed and came back to ours for an Espresso Martini before parting ways and heading to bed! I really enjoy catching up with friends you haven’t seen for a while, there’s so much to talk about and we always have a lot of fun!

Came home to a bottle of Moët and a beautiful card from  to celebrate reaching 10,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel - what a cutie! ☺️❤️


I certainly had something to celebrate this weekend because on Thursday I hit 10,000 subscribers on my Youtube channel!!! It’s been such a fun 2 years (and counting) and i’m incredibly proud to have so many of you watching my videos – a huge thank you to all of you, it’s rather surreal!

On Friday i came home to a bottle of Moet and a beautiful card (with some lovely words) from Joe so we popped the top and toasted to even more exciting blog times to come!Here's to all 10,000 of you that watch my rambles on YouTube - today is a very proud day ☺️❤️


Just four days to get through everyone and then we have a wonderful long weekend to enjoy – don’t you just love bank holidays?! And chocolate, let’s not forget all that eggy chocolate!