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Smashbox photo finish primer review, acne prone skin

Smashbox primer


I don’t tend to wear primer every day – just if my skin needs a bit of a boost or if i know it’s going to be a long one. Clinique Superprimer is my current favourite for the mornings as it works wonders on dull and sallow skin and i tend use Benefit POREfessional on my cheeks and around my nose to help fill in any large pores. Although they’re a killer combo i sometimes find them a little too heavy to apply in the evening before a night out so i’ve been looking for something a bit lighter that will still give me the smooth base i need – enter Smashbox Photo Finish Primer* (£25).

I was a little worried about using primer back in the day for fear of clogging up my pores and breaking out, but after a roaring success with Clinique i faced my fears and gave Smashbox a go. It’s oil free so suitable for most skin types and it has such a lovely silky feel when applied to the skin. I use my fingers to masage it in and even though it’s clear and a little thinner than my Clinique favourite it still fills in any lines, pores and uneaven bits like a pro. There’s a reason why so many people love this primer and they’ve found a new fan in me too, i can’t rave about it enough. Although it works really well alone, if i’m going all out i tend to use Benefit POREfessional first on my largest pores with the Smashbox primer on top which gives me the smoothest skin i’ve ever had and my foundation loves it.

If you’re looking for a primer that will keep your makeup in place all day, fill in fine lines and leave your skin looking wonderful then definitely give Smashbox Photo Finish a go. And you really do only need the tiniest amount which means this hero primer will be in my makeup drawer for a long long time!

You can find their Photo Finish Primer on the Smashbox website for £25.

Have you used Smashbox Photo Finish Primer> What do you think? Which is your favorite primer for perfect skin?

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