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skin shop dry eye gel review

Dry Eye Gel Review


I have very sensitive eyes and i often come home from work after sitting in an air conditioned office, staring at a screen all day with them feeling incredibly dry, sore and itchy. I have a plethora of eye creams that i use and love which help moisturise and de-age the skin around my eyes but it wasn’t until a tube of Skin Shop’s Dry Eye Gel* dropped through my door that i realised what i’ve been missing.

I get sent a lot of products to try and not all of them make it onto the blog – only those i really love and think are worth sharing. At first i wasn’t blown away by Skin Shop’s Dry Eye Gel when it arrived in it’s unassuming packaging thinking it would be ‘just another eye cream’ and it went forgotten on the ‘to try’ pile of skincare products for quite a while. When i got round to testing it out i was absolutely blown away on first use and i’ve been using it every single day since – that will certainly teach me not to judge an eye cream by it’s cover.

With it’s active ingredient Cardiospermum (no siggering it at the back) this eye gel gets to work soothing sore eyes and caring for any irritation or inflammation you may have. Sciencey bits aside, this product works. I applied it at night and instantly felt relief with it’s cooling gel texture, and in the morning? Well, my eyes looked incredible and still felt so soft and smooth i couldn’t believe it.

This miracle eye gel has been saving my skin every since and at just £6.95 a tube it’s a complete no-brainer. 100% give this product a go, especially coming up to party season – your eyes will certainly thank you for it and so will your purse.

You can find the Skin Shop Dry Eye Gel on their website here.

Have you tried this amazing skincare product before? Does it work as well for you?

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