Metallic Magic With Microsilver | Skin Shop Silver Serum

I need another step to my skincare regime like I need a hole in the head, but when anything drops through the door that claims to clear up my face I have to give it a go. Introducing Silver Serum* from Skin Shop, a new facial serum that claims to reduce inflammation and beat acne with a powerful little ingredient, microsilver.

A lot of acne treatments can be really harsh on the skin (trust me, I’ve tried nearly all of them!) and can really dry you out. They go with a sweeping approach by killing off all the bad bacteria along with all the good too which can be detrimental to acne sufferers. Our skin does actually contain good bacteriathink bifidus regularis and other ridiculous ‘scientific terms’ from digestion adverts – which is needed to help regenerate and regulate so stripping that away can have a negative effect, but Skin Shop’s new Silver Serum helps destroy the bad bacteria that can cause acne without touching the good, clever!

I apply it in the morning after cleansing to help protect my skin for the day and it’s been working a treat! It’s moisturising without being too thick and leaves your skin feeling quite bright and clean and with a handy 50ml bottle I think it may be a good product to take on holiday with me to apply on the plane. At just under £13 it’s a bargain product with a little going quite a long way – I would buy it again although I think it’s going to be a while before I have to. I really didn’t think I’d be too fussed by this little bottle but I actually really like it – definitely one to try for the acne prone out there especially with it’s impressive clinical trial results. Over 90% of participants came off their topical acne medication after a month using Silver Serum, a bold claim but for £13 one you might want to test out for yourself!

You can find Silver Serum on the Skin Shop’s website for just £12.95 HERE!

Are you an acne sufferer? Would you give this clever serum a go?

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