Shock Absorber Active Zipped Plunge Sports Bra | Review

Welcome to the newest addition in my ever-growing sportswear and sports bra collection Shock Absorber’s Active Zipped Plunge! I absolutely LOVE my Panache Sports Bra* still but I do sometimes find that when i’m doing a lot of matt work the clips at the back can dig in after a while, which is where this little product comes in to save the day! Designed to beat this problem the Shock Absorber Zipped Plunge* fastens at the front with a protected flat zip meaning the racer back is completely smooth and free from painful points!

Now this one is pretty tight! The girls don’t have a chance of moving when it’s done up but it doesn’t feel uncomfortable. I have it in my normal bra size and it’s perfect, no padding but that doesn’t make it any less supportive. The front fastens with two slip hooks and then the zip which although it’s plastic it feels pretty sturdy and doesn’t come undone or slip down at all even with the toughest bounciest kickboxing class! There’s a thick material panel along to bottom which means it doesn’t slip or rub so it’s incredibly comfortable to wear, and the material breaths which is also a bonus. It looks good too, I thought i’d hate the neon green but in fact it doesn’t bother me and it’s quite funky poking out the top of your vest – brightens up a sweaty workout that’s for sure and the plunging neckline is really pretty too!

This is such a good sports bra and i’m really impressed with it’s support and clever design. I’d definitely buy more from Shock Absorber they’re fab – thanks guys!

You can buy the Shock Absorber Active Zipped Plunge for £25 from lots of wonderful online shops listed on their website HERE!

Are you a Shock Absorber fan? Would you rock the zipped plunge?

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