Sewing Lessons With Mum

Those of you who follow me on Instagram (@xameliax) will already know this exciting fact – my mum is teaching me how to sew! Mum is an incredible seamstress who used to make wedding dresses for people as a hobby, in her spare time(!). She has so many skills it’s insane as has always tried to teach me but sadly I was a stroppy teenager who didn’t have the patience or inclination to learn and refused these free one-on-one lessons – so silly – but I’m happy to announce that I’ve now come to my senses and I am finally learning to sew!

For my birthday we chose a vintage dress pattern and some adorable polka-dot fabric to work with and for the past month we’ve been sitting down together once a week for a few hours learning the basics (and some more advanced skills – trust me to pick a tricky one!) on my very first dress. Mum has recently retired from a long (and sometimes stressful) career as a high-school teacher so before now, because we were both so busy, we never really spent a lot of time together. But now these lessons are the highlight of my week and it’s so lovely not only to be learning a new skill, but also to be spending some quality time with my wonderful mum. Apparently I’m a natural which is a real honour to hear and we’re making really good progress – I can’t wait to put this dress on and wear it with pride partly to show the new skills I’ve gained but mostly as a treasured piece representing the quality time mum and I have shared together. Hopefully they’ll be many more to come after this!

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