It’s Panto Time! Sleeping Beauty at the Regent Theatre Stoke

regent theatre stoke
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I know we say this every year, but Christmas for me doesn’t start until I’ve eaten a mince pie and been to the Regent Theatre panto! There’s just something about sitting in the Regent Theatre in Stoke surrounded by excitable little ones getting ready to boo and hiss your way through a classic!

This year at the Regent it’s the turn of Sleeping Beauty, the fabled story of a young princess cursed at birth by an evil fairy. Destined to prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die before her 21st birthday, will we be able to save princess beauty from an eternal slumber?!


regent theatre panto

Sleeping Beauty at the Regent Theatre Stoke

As always Johnny Wilkes and Christian Patterson completely steal the show with their perfect panto patter, this year playing the roles of Muddles and Fanny the Nanny (I don’t think I need to explain where those jokes go)! You really couldn’t ask for a more perfect pair to do this year after year. It’s no wonder the Regent had held a sell out panto for the last 10 years, it’s just one of the best and brings ALLLLL the lols.

It’s packed full of dad jokes, naughty innuendos, slapstick comedy and the usual panto madness! Panto really isn’t just for kids, so don’t be put off buying a ticket if you haven’t got a little one in tow. Grab yourself a glass of wine from the bar and settle in for a night of hilarity…but be warned for those in the stalls, you might get wet!

regent theatre stoke
regent theatre panto

Classic panto-ness aside, the production at Stoke is always just right. Panto is meant to be a little bit ‘rubbish’ with it’s cheesy jokes, actors making one another laugh, people falling over and set mafunctions, it’s part of it’s charm. But there’s no deying Stoke still know how to put on a show!

With talented singers, dancers, tumblers and classic stage sets. Amazing costumes (where on earth did Fanny get that giant hot chocolate costume from – it’s brilliant!) and a very impressive giant Kraken monster that breathes smoke and lurches out over the audience – the production value at the Regent Theatre panto is great!

regent theatre panto
regent theatre panto

So if you’re looking for a festive night our with the family, your mates or even an alternative Christmas party event – the Regent Theatre panto is sure to leave you all in stitches. But be warned, you’ll be booking your December 2020 tickets before the curtains have even gone down for this one – it’s one of the best traditions there is!

Oh, and as always – shout out to Beryl. You absolute legend.

Sleeping Beauty is Showing at The Regent Theatre Stoke until 5th January 2020!

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sleeping beauty panto


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