Protecting My Happy | xameliax Weekly Vlog #137


A huge thank you to anyone who’s ever taken time out of their day to leave a kind comment on someone’s youtube or instagram. The internet needs more people like you.

I’m sure the vlogs will be back at some point but in the meantime you can find me blabbering on instagram stories @xameliax which is basically the same but in little snippets….you get me ALL week instead of just 30 mins on a Tuesday 🙂

And to anyone watching/reading who is a part of the hate – either on websites (which I haven’t read but we are well aware they exist) or directly on here – please take a moment and think about your choices.
Online bullying/trolling/hate, whatever you want to call it, is literally killing people and the anonymity won’t last forever. Remember when people’s names and IP addresses got leaked all those years ago from a hate site and everybody found out exactly who those people were? How would that feel knowing your friends and family could see what you were writing and how you’ve been spending your time? Please don’t be so naive to think it won’t happen again. protect yourself by making better choices about what you write online.

A lot of people laugh things like this off or hide behind their screens alongside others doing the same – safety in numbers right? Other people are doing it so it must be ok right? Wrong.

Think before you type. Would you say this to a sister, a friend, a family member? Is it hurtful? Is is necessary? Is it kind?

People online, instagrammers, youtubers may be a stranger to you. But they’re somebody’s daughter or son, somebody’s mum, somebody’s friend. If that was happening or being said to someone you love, how angry and upset would you be?!

Make better choices. Your words have an impact and all those negative vibes you put out into the world only bring negativity back on you – not always from other people but from yourself. Life is a lot better when you choose to spread love, trust me.


Feel free to share this post on your stories, on Facebook, on Twitter, print it out and stick in on your local community pin board if you have to. We need to keep reminding people that online bullying is NOT ok and words both spoken and written have an impact on the REAL PEOPLE receiving them.