Barry M Eye Pencil Sharpener & Nail Paint Corrector Pen

Often products like this can get missed when a brand releases lots of new items for a change in season. People are drawn to the pretty coloured nail paints or the new lip shades and these little gems often get over-looked, but for me these two tiny items are brilliant and certainly deserve a mention for making our beauty lives that little bit easier.

Duo Ended Pencil Sharpener*

I’ve already got a duo pencil sharpener that i picked up in boots which has a cap on the top to stop any shavings falling out of the case that’s quite sturdy, yet i still find bits of pencil in my beauty box on a daily basis – why? Answer – the pencil holes. Sharpenings some how manage to weedle themselves back through the pencil holes and lounge around next to my foundation and concealer causing a terrible mess and lots of charcoal smudges. But Barry M have solved this issue with two little bits of plastic that cover the ends of your sharpener, so not only does it keep the shavings in the case, but it also stops them from climbing back out the sides too, genius. There’s probably other sharpeners on the market like this but this is the first i’ve seen of it and for just £2 i think it’s a wise investment for a cleaner makeup case or bag!

Nail Corrector Pen*

I’m obsessed with clean edges whenever i paint my nails, and usually i just use a cotton bud dipped into polish remover which does the job nicely. However not only do i find it difficult to get right into the corners with a big fat cotton bud, but i also end up with quite dry cuticles thanks to the acetone. This is where this little product works it manicure magic. Acetone free and melon scented (don’t sniff pens kids) Barry M’s new Nail Corrector Pen whisks away traces of polish left on your fingers with ease and doesn’t leave you with awful skin afterwards – amazing. It also comes with two replacement tips too for when the original gets a bit grubby. At £4.99 i think it’s a nice little addition to your nail art collection especially with the extra tips to keep you going for a few more manicures.

You can buy both of these new handy products on the Barry M website HERE and HERE!

Have you tried any of Barry M’s beauty accessories before? What do you think of these two useful products?

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