.Popbands | A Long Haired Girl’s Review.

What on earth is a Popband i hear you ask. Well, Popbands are the new hair bobbles to blow your plain brown Primark multipack out the water!

‘Kind on your hair and cute on your wrst’

I’m often caught with a bobble round my wrist in case it gets too warm or my hair get’s in my face (literally), but it’s not the best look and tends to ruin a good wrist stack. Popbands are a hair bobble designed to look like a festival band or a ribbon on your wrist that don’t snag or rip your hair when you use them. Having such long and thick hair it takes a lot to keep it up so i was dubious about the strength of these pretty little numbers, but with two wrapped around my bun i’m good to go and they keep my mane secure all day long – even at the gym too! Popbands claim not to leave a dent in your hair after wearing them but i find using two still leaves a little ridge but one that’s not as big as usual so i’m happy.

They also come in a million different colours to match any outfit and mood and i just love my Milkshake Pastel* and Silver Fox* sets. The peach and pink look lovely next to my chunky rose gold watch and i’ve found myself wearing them most days. Just in time for summer, every long haired beauty needs a popband for when the sun finally starts to shine, such a simple beauty product but i love them!

Grab a pack of Popbands from their website HERE from just £4 and free delivery!

Have you tried Popbands yet? What’s your favourite colour?

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