Pizza Express Autumn Menu 2015

Pizza Express Autumn 2015 Menu  (20)

Pizza Express Summer Menu Review

A couple of weekends ago Joe and I hopped on a train to Birmingham to try out the new Autumn menu at Pizza Express in Brindley Place. We’re huge Pizza Express fans – one of our favourite chains – and we never fail to get a good meal! Our visit to Brindley place was no different this time around and the new offerings on the Pizza Express Autumn menu* are a triumph for any pizza and Italian lovers out there! Pizza Express Autumn 2015 Menu  (3)

Pizza Express Autumn 2015 Menu  (1)

Calamari is back on the menu which makes me very happy indeed! The Calamari (£6.20) was crispy, light and perfectly cooked served with a tangy garlic dip – the perfect starter for me and one you must order if you’re a seafood fan on your next visit. Joe went for the Risotto Mio (£5.90) another garlic filled delicious starter. It’s not something I would have ordered usually but having tasted it it’s what I’m going for the next time we’re in – perfectly sized, creamy and simply delicious, again a real winner for us. Pizza Express Autumn 2015 Menu  (11)

Drinks wise it was a Marlborough Sauv Blanc for me – Pizza Express always serve it ice-cold and it’s so refreshing with the pizzas. Joe went for a bottle of the new Honey Dew Golden Ale which was gorgeous. Super smooth, slightly sweet with a true honey finish on the tongue, a brilliantly balanced ale that isn’t too heavy alongside all that dough. Pizza Express Autumn 2015 Menu  (5)

Pizza Express Autumn 2015 Menu  (4)

Onto the main event! For Joe it was the Soho 65 (£13.30) on a Romana base – Mozzarella, Black Olives, Rocket, Gran Milano and upgraded with Italian Meats – what a treat indeed! It was light, salty and just cheesy enough, such a good pizza. I went for the Romana Autumno (£13.60) – Chorizo, Butternut Squash and Spinach along with Goat’s Cheese and Chili Flakes – it was incredible and I instantly fell in love! With the paprika heat from that Chorizo balanced by the creamy goat’s cheese it was heaven on a pizza base for me and I’m still thinking about it now! Pizza Express Autumn 2015 Menu  (7)

Pizza Express Autumn 2015 Menu  (6)

We always share our pizzas half and half and this was a winning combo for sure. We also had a side of Potato Nocciola (£3.30) and Coleslaw (£3.40) which were delicious. The Potato Nocciola were drizzled in truffle oil and were super fluffy inside their crispy shells and that coleslaw, well it’s a must every time I eat at Pizza Express now, it just goes so well with everything!Pizza Express Autumn 2015 Menu  (10)

Pizza Express Autumn 2015 Menu  (8)

Pudding time and probably the course I was most excited about because HELLO Salted Caramel Profiteroles! Having spotted the Salted Caramel Profiteroles Dolcetti (£5.20) on the menu before we visited I knew exactly what I was going to order before we even sat down. They were slightly different from I was expecting with a crunchy and crumbly cold salted caramel shell similar to a Caramac bar in finish with the pastry and cream inside. I would have liked a little more salted caramel flavour but they were still very tasty and the perfect size for my Irish Coffee, a great way to round off the meal. Pizza Express Autumn 2015 Menu  (9)

Joe went for the Bombolini (£5.95) little round warm jam filled doughnuts with vanilla ice cream that were not only adorable but absolutely delicious too, a true nostalgic dessert that was just the right size again and really gave that warm Autumn comfort food feeling.

We loved our Autumnal visit to Pizza Express and their new menus never fail to keep us interested and longing to go back for more. It made me excited for the new season and all that yummy hearty food coming our way over the next few months. Bravo Pizza Express, once again you’ve done us proud!

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Have you tried anything from the new Pizza Express Autumn Menu yet? Which new dish would you go for?

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* Pizza Express picked up our bill in exchange for an honest review