.Phil Smith Haircare | Review.

Before these products arrived in the post i have to say that i’d never heard of Phil Smith before in my life (sorry Phil), so i was intruiged as to what i was going to find when i opened the lid and rubbed it in!

I use a hot, high powered hair dryer on my hair along with my cloud nines pretty much every day and it clearly doesn’t do my hair any good because i’m constantly on the hunt for damage repair hair products. But let’s face it, we’re always going to use heat on our hair so we may as well face the music and protect it as best we can to help reduce that damage as much as possible. This is exactly what Phil Smith’s SOS Damage Protection Shampoo* and Conditioner* (£3.99 each) are made for, and i have to say that after trying them both out together for a week i’m seeing a big difference.

When i first washed my hair with the shampoo i was a little dubious because after rinsing my hair felt quite stiff and dry which i assumed was the shampoo’s magic ingredients helping to strengthen the strands ready for styling but i wasn’t overly keen. The smell didn’t blow me away either, it smelt ‘professional’ but quite purfumey – not a deal breaker, but not something i would smell on my hair afterwards and enjoy either. However when i applied the conditioner my faith was restored as this left my hair feeling very silky and smooth once washed off. After styling i saw a real difference to the frizzy-ness(technical term) and dullness of my hair – it seemed a lot sleeker and shinier than usual so i was satisfied that the SOS combo had delivered and Phil was back in my good books.

I also found the Glam Shine Serum* (£4) to work really well with my hair. Not one to overload my locks with products i was worried it would make my hair look greasy or too heavy in some way, but two little squirts smoothed through the ends worked a treat and really helped to hide any split ends that were still showing after styling. As for the Dry Clean Dry Shampoo* (£2.99-75ml), it didn’t blow me away. I’m a Batiste girl through and through and although this one worked well it just couldn’t compete with all the gorgeous sights and smells of my Batiste stash! It is a very handy size for popping in your handbag or office drawer through for emergencies!

You can find all of Phil Smith’s products on his website HERE – there’s something for everyone’s hair!

Have you tried any Phil Smith products? Which product is your hair in need of?

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