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Percy Nobleman Beard Oil Dr Dittmar Moustache Wax

Today we’re talking man stuff with JoeKenMil‘s very first guest post! Got a beard? Got a boyfriend with a beard? Joe’s been testing some oils and waxes for the old face fluff and he thinks he’s found a winner…

“So… one or two of you may have noticed me loitering in a few photos with the beautiful xameliax (if you haven’t, well, i shall have to make sure i gatecrash a few more!). You may have also noticed that i sport a bit of the old facial fuzz. To give you a bit of background, i entered in to the whole beard growing thing not knowing a huge amount, and it was driven largely by laziness (and a little more legitimately, because i suffer from really bad shaving rash due to my ridiculously sensitive skin) more than anything fashion related or a burning desire to be the new member of Mumford & Sons. It’s now 3 years later and i’ve become rather attached (excuse the pun) to the old thing now so i felt like it was time to start taking things a little more seriously and I started doing a bit of research around some of the products available for the beard sporting gentleman.

Ok, I’ll hold my hands up now, my definition of research may differ to yours. By research, i mean i entered something along the lines of “beard care products” into Google and jumped on the first available page (well i am a man, and as mentioned earlier i have been known to suffer from the odd bout of laziness). Said page happened to be Amazon so i started having a browse to see what was available and what could be of benefit to me…

Although generally pretty soft, it seemed i could improve the condition of my beard with the help of some beard oil / moisturiser. After some further browsing i settled on Percy Nobleman’s Beard Conditioning Oil. It was high on the best sellers and seemed to come in about mid range on the pricing (£19.99 for 100ml, which should last for a few months according to the feedback), also it came in some pretty snazzy packaging.

Now in true Jennifer Aniston stylee, “here comes the science bit” (well it’s not really science, it’s a bit of information about the product, but i think that sounds amusing, so it’s staying #sorrynotsorry), it’s a blend of Argan, Almond, Avocado and Jojoba oils which meant very little to me i must be honest but after giving the beard a quick wash and applying i can confirm it smelt lovely and immediately softened up my beard and gave it a healthy shine. At first i wasn’t sold on the added sheen but after not being able to keep my hands from stroking it a borderline unhealthy amount due to how soft it felt this was quickly forgotten and i started to appreciate it’s new healthy look.

Although it seemed the Percy would also help with the styling and maintenance of my beard i wasn’t sure if it would be able to do the job alone on a really “bad beard day” so i started browsing products that could help provide a little more control. I was torn between a beard balm and a wax but by this time i was starting to get hungry and i was glazing over reading all the reviews so i went with the wax and popped a £12.95 jar of Dr.Dittmar’s Professional Moustache Wax in the basket. Now i’ve not used this as much, largely down to damn fine job of the beard oil, but when i’ve had a particularly unruly day i’ve applied a small amount (i’ve found i’ve not needed too much) and managed to keep everything in check and it had a nice vanilla hint to boot.

These two products have now firmly entered into my daily routine and although i still think i might give a beard balm whirl in the near future i’m pretty darn happy with the results of my 30 minutes of research. So just in case you dont have a spare 30 minutes to research these products on the internet yourself i thought i would share my results with you and take up a few minutes of your precious time in the process. And unlike earlier, i’m actually sorry about that #genuinelysorry


You can find Joe on Twitter @joekenmil for more beardy fun!