Beautiful Braziers for Busty Birds | Panache Minnie

Last year I dropped a lot of ‘puppy fat’ when I started kickboxing and in turn went from a DD to a B/C in the booby dept. Although I was nicely in proportion it felt strange swapping my bustier bras for smaller cups as I’ve always been a little on the top heavy side. Thanks to a bit of Christmas padding and a month’s foray with a different brand of pill for a month (with very hormonal results!) my girls are back and I’ve found myself reaching for my heavier duty underwear once more.

I always used to think that supportive lingerie for those blessed in the bazzomer region couldn’t be as sexy as others until I discovered Panache. I already rock one of their Sports Bras* in my kickboxing classes and it’s so supportive I love it, but I’d never branched out into the world of Panache Pants until they contacted me about their new Minnie Design* in the Chloe range! It wins hands down with the most fun item of underwear in my draw with that gorgeous cherry red and adorable white polka dot pattern. The first thing i noticed when i unwrapped it from it’s pretty packaging was that the cups weren’t padded and that sent me into a bit of a tizz as i’ve never owned a non-padded bra before. But when i put it on i was absolutely amazed at the shape and support it gave me even without all the hidden pads, wires and other cup construction i’m used to!

I went for a 32D and i think i could have gotten away with a DD in this one as although the cups fit, i think they come up a little small. But with a bit of strap adjusting and fastening on the last clip at the back it looks gorgeous. The pants are great too! Sexy and fun and a really flattering fit, mine are in a size 8 and come up about right around the bum and thighs making them super comfortable. Pretty detailing around the edges and such good quality – no fraying or unfinished edges, you really do get what you pay for with Panache Lingerie and i’m incredibly impressed. The balcony bra is extremely comfy to wear too. I often find that with fancy lingerie it’s great for slipping into at the end of the night but it’s impractical for every day. This set however is perfect for both – no rubbing, digging in or riding up it’s an amazing way to wear pretty pants all day every day! Although certainly not on the cheap end of the scale as far as underwear goes with this set setting you back just over £40, you can really tell the difference in quality and comfort and i will definitely be treating myself to some more Panache products for special occasions.

Check out the stunning style Panache have on their website HERE (i love the masquerade Celene and Panache Elsa!) – and you can find all the Panache stockists HERE too! 

What do you think of the Cleo Minnie? 

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