Panache Sport | An Active Bra for the Bustier Lady

I posted a week or so ago about my new found love for the gym and my snazzy sportswear makeover. But whilst i’ve been enjoying my new slimline leggings and fancy matching hoody i’ve still been experiencing a problem in the chesticle department.

Before now i was wearing a £4 ‘sports bra’ from Matalan that i picked up while hunting down a fresh supply of trainer socks, and well, it just hasn’t been doing it’s job. I’m rather blessed in the breast department and come in at  (male readers, avert your eyes) a 32DD which is great if you’re rocking a low v, but not so much when you’re bobbing around on a cross trainer. Exercising without the proper support is just plain painful so when the lovely ladies at Panache asked me if i’d like to give their hardcore harness* a go, the girls and I excitedly agreed!

When it arrived i was a little surprised at just how big the cups were! I mean, they look massive! But actually when you try it on they’re perfect and hug you all the way round without any gaps or creases. The underwiring on the bra is wrapped in silicone to provide a comfortable fit that doesn’t rub and anchors the bra to you body. Breathable panels also help keep you comfortable when you’re working up a sweat on that running machine and the thick straps help dispense pressure on your shoulders. The straps can be worn over the shoulders or clipped together to form a racer back shape with a little hook at the top. Personally i think this adds a bit of extra support and helps conceal the straps under your sportswear which is always a bonus.

I absolutely LOVE this bra. The difference in support is phenomenal and it’s so comfortable to wear – you don’t even notice you’ve got it on. It fits perfectly and looks amazing too making me feel like a real pro when i ‘suit up’ for my session. I’m really impressed and i’ve even been looking at the rest of their lingerie collection as the quality of their sportswear is second to none. Calling all you busty exercise bunnies, this is the bra for you – let’s show our girls a bit of support, they deserve it!

To find your nearest Panache stockist, take a look at their website HERE – these super sports bras retail at around £35 which is a bazoomer busting bargain in my book!

Are you supported enough in the gym? Would you give Panache a go?

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