Our Bedroom Makeover and My Top 5 Tips For A Great Night’s Sleep

Bedroom Makeover (1)

This, is our bedroom. Very stripey, cluttered and covered in colours that are impossible to match with a nice duvet! Trying to convince Joe to re-decorate with me was a near impossibility until one night our bed slates broke and we were forced to replace our rickety old bed and lumpy mattress!

We headed on down to Bensons for Beds who were so helpful in helping us choose our new bed, mattress and fancy pillows! We went for a pocket sprung memory foam topped mattresswho knew there were so many different types – and a bog standard divan bed with storage underneath. We picked out our faux leather headboard and a pair of goose-down effect pillows (which are IMMENSE!) and waited patiently for the two week delivery! In the meantime I managed to convince Joe’s Dad to help us re-wallpaper that pesky wall and I picked out some brand new bedding and storage to help spruce it all up a bit. A day of papering (thanks Barry!) and an afternoon of re-arranging later we had ourselves a brand new room! Our paper was from B&Q and came in at £13 a roll of which we only needed two, what a bargain! Bedroom Makeover and Sleep Tips (1)

Brushed Cotton Bedspread (king) £40- NEXT Home*

Just changing that one wall and upgrading our bed has made a world of difference and now we can’t wait to go to bed every night! The mattress is seriously sink-into, and those pillows?! WOW! We kept our old drawers and side tables because we’re not planning on being in the house for more than another two years so the expense of replacing those which may not go with our new house was a bit too much. But everything still goes and we’re really happy with how it’s turned out!

I’ve never slept as well in this house as I do now so I thought I’d put together my top 5 tips to help get a better night’s sleep in the hope it might help some of you guys ‘sleep-a-fy’ your bedrooms and join me in the land of blissful slumber!

1. De-Clutter

Bedroom Makeover and Sleep Tips (2)

Grey Baskets (set of 3) £18 – NEXT Home* | Brass Baskets (set of 2) £16 – NEXT Home*

This was a biggy for us – when you’re busy clutter builds up, and if you don’t have anywhere to put things then very quickly drawer tops, bedside tables and even the floor become littered with junk. We got these beautiful basket sets from Next to help de-clutter the bedroom and they’ve worked wonders, you can even have them as his n’ hers or stack them up to save space. A clear bedroom makes for a clear mind! I get so stressed when the house is messy so no wonder it’s hard to sleep – a few simple storage solutions like this make a world of difference.

2. Find The Right Mattress and Pillows For You

Bedroom Makeover and Sleep Tips (7)

Pillows £7 each – Primark Home (faux fur similar, stag similar)

We were sleeping on such a terrible mattress – a real budget base that was no good for either of us. Our pillows were off the shelf without a lot of thought and combined they were wreaking havoc with our hips and back. A good bed retailer (Bensons really were brilliant for us #notsponsored!) will work with you to help you find the right mattress for you, your weight and the way you sleep. Yes you’ll probably have to do the embarassing ‘lie on a bed fully clothed in public and pretend to be asleep’ thing but it’s so worth doing to get the right fit. A good mattress isn’t cheap but think about it – you use this thing every night and without sleep where would you be?! The cost per use is HUGE and it’s incredibly important for a good night’s sleep. Finding the right pillow is also a biggy, our goose down effect pair were £25 each but they’re just like those big posh hotel pillows every single night – bliss!

3. Eye Masks and Earplugs

Bedroom Makeover and Sleep Tips (8)

This may sound like a strange one but it wasn’t until I went travelling alone this year and needed to sleep on my plane that I realised just how great eye masks are for a good night’s sleep! Find yourself a silky one that’s gentle on those eyes and give it a go – it may feel strange at first but once you get used to it you won’t believe how great they are! Benefit sent me this one with their Roller Lash launch and I’ve loved it ever since but I found this beauty from Jasmine Silk at £8 that will be just as good. I always feel like a bit of a diva when I go to sleep in my eye mask but it just helps to block out all of the light you don’t think is still in your room and to help my mind shut down for the evening. Earplugs are also a good one for a complete sensory blackout – just make sure you hide your phone under that pillow so the vibrations still get you up in the morning or set a buzzing alarm on your fitbit!

4. Calming ScentsBedroom Makeover and Sleep Tips (5)

NEOM Scent To Sleep Massage Candle

Lavender candles and room diffusers don’t have to be kept for your nan’s house – they can be brilliant for helping you nod off and with the help of some other essential oils mixed in they can smell pretty modern too. My fave for the bedroom is NEOM’s Scent To Sleep Massage Candle and their Real Luxury Diffuser which both contain lavender but are mixed with other scents so it’s less ‘Grandmas knicker drawer’ and more chic spa. Joe and I both said that when we put these in our bedroom we both felt as if we slept a lot deeper and dropped off quicker – can’t rate them enough. Bedroom Makeover and Sleep Tips (3)

Cotswold Lavender Slumber Spray £7

Bedroom Makeover and Sleep Tips (4)

Decleor Aroma Purifying Night Balm – John & Ginger*

Using beauty products like this Decleor miracle worker with calming aromatherapy scents are fantastic for just before bed. This little pot contains the most stunning balm for oily skin that leaves me feeling incredible and my skin looking great the next day. It’s got such a calming aroma scent I put it on right before I sleep and breathe it in slowly as I close my eyes, it’s perfect.

I also use a lavender pillow spray like the one above (just £7 from Amazon) that simply mists onto your pillow and fills the room with those calming scents to help you drift off. I think it’s fantastic and I take it wherever I go if i’m stopping over.

5. No Phones

Bedroom Makeover and Sleep Tips (6)

Waffle Throw (Charcoal) £15 – Yorkshire Linen*

Your bedroom should be used for sleeping and, well, naughty adult time – but that’s it! Lying in bed on your phone will disrupt your sleep and keep you wide awake when you should be catching those Zzzz’s because the blue light emitted from the screen messes with our brains melatonin production and stops us from switching off. Do all your social checking at least half an hour before hitting the hay and turn that phone face down so you won’t be tempted to pick it up again if sleep doesn’t find you right away. We’ll also let you eat a bacon sandwich on a lazy weekend morning in bed while watching Sunday Brunch but that’s as far as it goes…and watch those crumbs!

What are your top tips for a great night’s sleep? What do you think of our new room?

I’d love to know – tweet me @xameliax or leave a comment below! #sleeptips




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