.Old Lady Hobby.

Today i had my first crochet lesson from the beautiful Beth. Now Beth, is a crochet master. Seriously, put a crochet hook in this girl’s hand and she is unstoppable; I honestly couldn’t believe the beautiful things she has made with just a bit of wool and a metal stick! Beth sells her amazing creations in her Etsy shop ‘A Spoonful of Honey‘ and she’s going to be adding a lot more to her collection over the next few months so keep your eyes peeled for that. But alongside making beautiful bits and bobs for the public she’s agreed to teach me a few tricks of the crochet trade!

We started by learning how to do some simple stitches with odd wool so i could get the hang of it. Like with any new creative skill, it’s difficult at first to learn the right techniques and get used to doing new things with your hands, but with about half an hour of practice i was beginning to get into the swing of it so we decided to move onto something a bit more productive – little crochet hearts! These were again quite difficult at first (damn you magic circle) but after making one step by step under Beth’s watchful eye i managed to get the hang of it and made two more for good measure. They’re now all dangling on my bag because i’m sadly quite proud of my first crochet achievements! 

I’m already looking forward to my next lesson and mum is digging me out my own crochet hook and some wool to practice with! I think i’m going to like my new old lady hobby, plus it’s a great excuse to drink tea and have a natter at the same time while cuddled up in the warm – perfect!