.New Year, New Adventures.


I’m not the kind of person to sit and make a list of resolutions when the new year comes, personally i think that can be more destructive than constructive in most cases. But as the new year rolled in this morning and i watched the fireworks lighting up the sky i did stand and think about a few things i’d like to do in 2013:

– Do more for charity

– Learn to crochet

– Meditate

– Go to the gym and tone everything up

– Take more photos

– Learn to spend less time worrying about what people think

– Visit a new country

– Start playing my guitar again and learn to pick

– Read more

I’ve also made the decision to start writing more lifestyle and personal posts for my blog again. Although during this past year my little internet space has taken off more than i could ever imagine and i love how much i’ve gotten into beauty and fashion through xameliax, i can’t help feeling that it’s lost it’s roots a little and i miss them. So there will be more posts like these, and more live blog posts if i’m doing something nice or interesting and i really hope you enjoy reading them as much as everything else.

I’m starting this new year with quite a few changes that have come about recently, most of which i haven’t shared on here until now. Leigh and I couldn’t be more similar and we adore each other’s company an indescribable amount, but we’ve recently decided to spend less time with one another as a couple and take our relationship back to being friends. This has brought with it a move back to my family house and a newly decorated room to go with it which is lovely and i’ve just finished putting up the last set of fairy lights making it feel like home again. It’s a big change moving back home after you’ve spent two years out in the big wide world fending for yourself, but it’s a change that makes sense right now and one that i think is really for the best. I’m sure you’ll still be seeing a lot of mine and Leigh’s adventures on the blog as i’m yet to find a better drinking, eating or general adventure buddy than him, it’s wonderful to find someone you have so much in common with so we won’t be letting that go any time soon. I’m also about to start a new job which i’m looking forward to, i’ve worked really hard to get this new position and i hope i can do everyone proud.

Change can be pretty scary sometimes and i’ve had a lot of it this past year, but i like to think that things happen for a reason and that all the changes 2012 has brought will in turn bring good things for 2013.

Happy New Year Everyone, let’s make it a magical one