New From Barry M Autumn/Winter 2015

New From Barry M Autumn/Winter 2015

From Left to Right: Do You Pink I’m Sexy, Dark Side of The Shroom, Vengeance, Plum on Baby

I’m super late to the party with this one as all of these new bits from Barry M are already out in the shops and flying off those shelves. But late or not there’s some seriously good launches for Autumn/Winter 2015 that deserve a spot on the blog for anyone who’s not managed to grab them just yet – you’re in for a treat Barry fans!

Let’s start with some of my favourites – the NEW Autumn Winter Daylight Cure Polishes (£4.99 each)! From the light baby pink of Do You Pink I’m Sexy to the deep red Wine of Vengeance these are the perfect autumn shades for the colder months. My favourite has got to be Dark Side of The Shroom that beautiful grey purple that I haven’t stopped wearing since it dropped through the door. These apply beautifully and last really well with their special top coat. You must try these if nothing else from the new range.

Autumn 2015 Barry M (5)

Barry have also released three Flawless Primers (£5.99 each) designed to smooth and fix the skin under your foundation. Original (white) to remove oil and smooth, Colour Correcting (green) to reduce redness with chamomile and cucumber and Brightening (purple) to revive dull looking skin. I have to be so careful with primers and my acne prone skin and these feel a little ‘cloggy’ but don’t tend to pack enough of a primer punch for me compared to other higher-end products I’ve tried, although these are all under £6 so we can’t really complain.

Autumn 2015 Barry M (6)

In the middle, Barry M’s new Light Me Up (£4.99) liquid highlighter – a pink super shimmery highlighter that is fab for mixing with foundation for a subtle winter glow. The pump on my tube sometimes gets a little stuck and fires this stuff across the room which is mildly annoying(!) but I really like this product and think it’s very similar to The Body Shop Radiant Highlighter for half the price.

Autumn 2015 Barry M (1)

Next Barry M have brought out three new palettes (£6.49 each) for their Autumn Winter Collection. Pout N About is their new lip colour palette. I haven’t tried this palette out as I’m really not a fan of lip colour applied with a brush but for under £7 with 5 different shades to suit all skin tones it’s a little bargain. Get Up & Glow is a bronzer, blush and highlight palette that is great for beginners. It’s a lovely little palette with subtle pigmentation and would make a lovely gift or starter palette. Finally we have the new Super Natural Eye Palette which is the perfect budget alternative to the Urban Decay Naked 3! With a mixture of bronzes, pinks and soft browns it’s a lovely collection of colours for everyday or darker evening wear and the colours last pretty well too. They’re not overly pigmented but again for £7 it’s a real steal of a palette. Autumn 2015 Barry M (4)

More polishes for both the Speedy Quick Dry Collection and The Gelly collection which is my all time favourite Barry M Formula. In the Speedy Shades (£3.99 each) we have (from left to right) Dead Heat a bright Cherry Red, Sprint Finish a lovely raspberry wine colour, Slip Stream a bright purple and Dragster a dark grey shade. I’m not a big fan of the speedy quick dry range or these brighter colours but they do dry a lot quicker than the normal Barry polishes so they’re great for people who don’t have time to paint their nails and like a vibrant colour range.

There are also four new Gelly shades (£3.99 each) which came out around Halloween. From left to right: Black Pistachio a deep dark racing green, Black Cherry a black red (one of my all time favourite nail polish colours), Black Current a deep dark purple and Black Grape a gorgeous black-blue. I adore the gelly range with its wide brushes and super shiny finish – all of these are gorgeous and I hope they stick around!Autumn 2015 Barry M (2)

From Left to Right: 166, 167, 169, 168, 170 and 171

Last but not least my other favourites from the new Barry M releases The Satin Super Slick ( £4.49) lipsticks. With vitamin E and Shea Butter these lippies are incredibly moisturising but this does leave behind a satin finish on the lips which isn’t my favourite. I tend to blot with a tissue and apply a little powder to make them a little flatter and last longer. These are really pigmented and are quite simply beautiful – I just love the shades. If you can get your hands on these then definitely do, they’re gorgeous!

Have you tried any of the new Barry m Autumn Winter 2015 collections? Which is your favourite?

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